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Faculty Appointments & Templates

Schools and colleges should use the following templates for making appointments for full-time faculty members. Pay careful attention to template items noted in bold and/or highlighted. These are areas that must change for each appointment.

Until the IGreentree faculty appointment letter system is configured for Banner, you should use the following templates to make all full-time (tenured, tenure-track and nontenure-track) faculty appointments. Part-time adjunct appointments should be made via the Taleo system. Also, please note that you will have to cut and paste from the choices available on the document titled "Attachment B and Suggested Language" in order to create an "Attachment B" for every faculty appointment letter.

In addition to creating the faculty appointment letter, an online faculty requisition will need to be prepared and submitted to Human Resources in order to hire or reappoint a faculty member in Banner. This interactive form is located in the "Payroll forms" section of the "Staff Tools" tab on the TUPortal.

After receiving the signed appointment letter, please complete the online faculty requisition in its entirety being sure to select the full-time faculty option. Note some additional fields have been recently added to the form to support Banner processing. Submit the form to HR through the portal and scan the signed appointment letter as a separate attachment and e-mail it to As a result of the new Banner processes, all monthly paperwork is due in HR by the 10th of the month.

If you would like further information on how to use these templates when making a full-time faculty appointment (excluding post doctoral appointments made by the Graduate School), please contact the office.

Honorary Designations

Tenured Faculty

Non-Tenure Track Faculty

For initial hires use the following templates:

For reappointments, including CBA negotiated increase language, use the following templates:

For changes due to a promotion-in-rank, use the following templates:

For reappointments/changes due to other salary increases not indicated above, use the following:

Tenure Track Appointment Forms & Guidelines

Non-tenure Track Appointment Forms & Guidelines