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A April 2008 Conference on Nôm Studies, 10th Floor Gladfelter Hall

The Center for Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture & Society of Temple University will host the first conference on Vietnamese Nôm studies.  Nôm studies can be tentatively thought of as multi-disciplinary research in Vietnamese studies recorded in the ideographic script called chữ Nôm, which was used in Vietnam from the tenth century to the 1920's. The Conference will feature leading Nôm scholars and researchers from the U.S., Vietnam, Canada, and France. Click here for further information on the Conference.

The October 2006 Conference

The Temple Vietnam Center held a conference titled, “Going with the Past: Vietnamese Traditional Culture in Contemporary Society” on October 6th and 7th, 2006. The conference  featured a unique combination of presenters from Vietnam, Canada and the U.S. including a team from the Institute of Culture and Information in Hanoi and Hue. Click her for further information on the conference.

The June 2005 Conference on Vietnamese Philosophy

"Perspectives on Vietnamese Philosophy" On June 22, 2005, the Center sponsored a seminar on Vietnamese Philosophy covering two main subjects: "Distinctive Features of Vietnamese Philosophy" and "Vietnamese Perspectives on Truth, Falsehood, and Practive."The seminar featured prominent Vietnamese philosophers. Click here for further information on the conference.

The June 2005 Conference on Vietnamese History

"The Vietnam War 30 Years On" On June 20-21 , 2005, the Center sponsored a conference on the Vietnam/American War. The conference featured internationally renowned scholars, writers, and diplomats. Topics included the historiography of the war, the social history of the ARVN and the Vietnamese middle class, recent documentary evidence, alternative explanations for U.S. Vietnam policy, peace initiatives, and outstanding questions from both the American and Vietnamese perspectives. Co-sponsored by the Center for the Study of Force and Diplomacy. Click here for further information on the conference.

The April 2005 Conference on Vietnamese American Experience

On Friday, April 22, 2005 the Center sponsored a celebration of the Vietnamese-American experience in the United States featuring readings by Vietnamese-American writers and poets, a panel discussion of Vietnamese-American experiences in America, and a screening of Victor Vu's film, First Morning. The conference program is available here. For an interview with Victor Vu, click here .






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