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PA ACT 11 Law and Tuition Policies

Effective July 1, 2015, the Pennsylvania General Assembly and Governor Tom Wolf approved legislation, Act 11, which requires public institutions of higher learning, including Temple University, to charge in-state tuition to any veteran, spouse or dependent children enrolled at Temple University who is living in Pennsylvania. This legislation puts the state of Pennsylvania in compliance with Section 702 of the Veterans Choice Act.

As a result of Act 11, Temple University is required to charge the in-state tuition rate to out-of-state students who have a Pennsylvania address and are using the GI Bill® benefits under chapters 30, 31, 33, 35 and sections 1606 and 1607. This change also applies to active duty military personnel, spouses and dependent children living with a Pennsylvania address who are utlizing their benefits.

All out-of-state students with a Pennsylvania address who are using their GI Bill® benefits, will have an adjustment made to their student account to reflect the in-state tuition rate. Also, your financial aid package will be reviewed and Student Financial Services will make any necessary adjustments based on the in-state tuition rate.

Temple University is proud to count you among our students and congratulates you on this significant enhancement of your GI Bill® benefits.

For questions about PA Act 11 and or GI Bill® benefits, please contact Temple University Certifying Official at OurVeterans@temple.edu.

View the entire PA State Act 11 law.