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University Veterans Contact/ SOC Point of Contact Person

Laura S. Reddick, Associate Director for Adult and Veteran Student Recruitment
Temple University Main Campus
Military and Veteran Services Center, 601 Conwell Hall, Philadelphia, PA
215.204.6130 (Office)
email: tuvets@temple.edu

University School Certifying Officer

Patti Calandra, Sr. Associate Registrar
Registrar Office, 2nd Floor, Conwell Hall, Room 212, Philadelphia, PA
215.204.1131 (Main)
215.204.7378 (Office)
email: OurVeterans@temple.edu

Veterans Certifying Officials- Tracey Heckstall, traceyL@temple.edu, 215-204-5490, Deborah Reilly, McNallyD@temple.edu, 215.204.7358

Please note: All questions about the certification process of your G.I. Bill® benefits should be directed to the Office of the Registrar (OUR), not the Military and Veteran Services Center. Listed below under "Student Services" are the names, emails and phone numbers of Temple Certifying Officials. Please make sure when you email OurVeterans@temple.edu, regarding issues or concerns copy tuvets@temple.edu.

Attention: Admitted and continuing Temple students, please submit your VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE) on the Veterans Declaration page of the TUPortal. Go to the Student Tools tab, select the Veterans Declaration link within the section labeled "Registration" and upload your COE. After your COE is processed, you will need to return to the Veterans Declaration page and declare for each term (including the first) that you intend to use your benefits. Failure to declare use of benefits will prevent your benefits from being applied for that term. Please visit the page regularly to view the history of benefit transactions, which is displayed at the bottom of the Veteran Declaration page in real-time whenever your benefit status is updated. If you have further questions, please contact the university's VA School Certifying Offifical at OurVeterans@temple.edu or call 215.204.7378.

Student Services

Ambler Campus Advising- Sonia Medina, soniam@temple.edu, 267.468.8200
Bursar's Office/Student Debt Management, Celeste Roberts-Ruffin, celeste.roberts@temple.edu, 215.204.6340
Center City Campus (TUCC) - Ruth Gardner, rgard@temple.edu, 215.204.4358
Career Center- Kelly Hart, tug11609@temple.edu, 215.204.4468 -Kelsey Craig,
Continuing Studies- Mellinda Finley, melinda.finley@temple.edu, 215.204.1691
Disability Resources and Services- Sharon Douglass, braswell@temple.edu, 215.204.3266
Educational Assistance Program (EAP) for National Guard Members- James Amey, amey@temple.edu, 215.204.0088
Federal Awards for National Guards (TA) - Pamela Watters, pamela.watters@temple.edu, 215.204.5549
Housing and Residential Life- Trina Slaffey, tslaffey@temple.edu, 215.204.3276
Student Financial Services- Nina Baker, nbaker@temple.edu,215.204.2980
Tuttleman Counseling Center- Dr. Steven Hulcher, steven.hulcher@temple.edu, 215.204.7508
Veterans Certifying Officials- Tracey Heckstall, traceyL@temple.edu, 215-204-5490, Deborah Reilly, McNallyD@temple.edu, 215.204.7358.

Schools and Colleges Veterans Contact People

Center for the Performing and Cinematic Arts
Boyer College of Music and Dance
Marguerite Jackson, margo@temple.edu
Academic Advising: 215.204.2229

Center for the Performing and Cinematic Arts
School of Theater, Film and Media Arts
Beth Bolton, beth.bolton@temple.edu, 215.204.8474
Undergraduate Admissions: 215.204.8598

College of Education
Rob O'Malley, tug84659@temple.edu
Academic Advising: 215.204.5635

College of Engineering
Chris Del Grego, chris.delgrego@temple.edu,
Academic Advising: 215.204.6094

College of Liberal Arts
Vincent Moulton, tua07450@temple.edu,

College of Public Health

Kris Scott, Kris.Scott@temple.edu,

College of Science of Technology
Diane McFadden, diana.mcfadden@temple.edu
Academic Advising: 215.204.2890

Fox School of Business & Management
Debbie Campbell, debbie.campbell@temple.edu
Academic Advising:
Main: 215.204.3919
Joy Stroman, tuf37910@temple.edu, 215.204.7672

Klein College Media and Communications
Brian Marsh, brian.marsh@temple.edu, 215.204.9423
J. Brian Seidel, bseidel@temple.edu, 215.204.5019
Academic Advising:215.204.5273
Nicole McKenna, nmckenna@temple.edu,
Graduate Program: 215.204.1497

School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Lauren McCulligan, lmcculligan@temple.edu, 215.204.8905
Jarvis Bailey, jarvis.bailey@temple.edu, 215.204.1754
Student Services: 215.204.8701

Tyler School of Art
Taheerah Entsuah, taheerah@temple.edu, 215.777.9229
Tyler Admissions, 215.777.9090