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An AccessNet username and password provides you with the ability to log in to the majority of Temple University’s online resources and services, including TUportal, TUmail, and Blackboard. TUsecure is a Computer Services service that provides everyone with one password that they can use to access most systems at the University.

Activating Your Account

When you activate your AccessNet account, you are prompted to create your TUsecure password and answer three security questions. The password must follow the guidelines listed on the Password Requirements page.

If you forget your password, you can reset it at the Account Management web site by clicking on the "Forgot password" link and answering the security questions.

Passwords Remain Effective for 180 Days
Your TUsecure password will remain effective for 180 days. When it is time to change your password, you will receive an e-mail reminder, directing you to the Account Management web site.

Affected Systems
Once you change your password on the Account Management web site, the password for every system that uses your AccessNet username will be changed at once.

For information on obtaining an AccessNet account, see the Obtaining an AccessNet Account page.

To change your password now, go to:


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