Real Estate Salesperson License

To obtain your Real Estate Salesperson License:

1. Complete the two required courses: Real Estate Fundamentals and Real Estate Practice.


2. The Real Estate Institute will mail you a transcript after course completion.


3. Apply to take the PSI state licensing exam by submitting application, payment of $56 and your transcript, after making 2 copies - 1 for later use and 1 for your records.


4. PSI will mail you an examination eligibility notice to use for scheduling your exam.


5. There are 3 testing locations in the area: Bala Cynwyd, Bristol and King of Prussia.


6. Seek broker to sponsor you.


7. Obtain background check online or by mail.


8. Complete licensing application, have broker complete his/her section of the application, and mail application to PA Real Estate Commission with background check results, copy of examination pass report, second transcript and payment.


9. The PA Real Estate Commission will mail license to your broker's office.


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