Corporate Training

TUCC StudentsTemple University is a widely known and respected institution throughout Pennsylvania. Its alumni are leaders in many areas of government, business, education, and law.


Temple has been providing a variety of training programs to individuals and groups at off-campus sites throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding counties for more than six decades. The Corporate Training program, administered by the Office of Off-campus Programs, provides high quality education and training opportunities to area businesses, organizations, and schools.


What differentiates Temple's Corporate Training program from the traditional classroom-taught courses is our ability to design a training program customized to meet the needs of your organization at a site that's most convenient for you and your employees.

Getting Started

Our programs can be delivered at a time that works best for you. Classes are typically held after traditional work hours, but can also be scheduled during the day, around certain shift schedules or even on weekends.

Temple's Corporate Training Program has a number of highly qualified instructors with both academic and business/ industry experience. They are experts in a variety of fields and have experience teaching the "adult learner."


Our team, which includes one of our instructors, will consult with your organization's decision makers before a training plan is developed. We identify your particular goals and objectives and tailor the program to meet them. We will design a short or long-term training plan geared to meet your specific needs.


We offer a number of class series leading to certificates in various high demand subjects. You can also arrange to have topic specific seminars and workshops presented for your employees in small groups. These seminars can take place all in one day or can be spread out over a few days. For those employers interested in having their employees become proficient in a particular subject, we offer semester long credit courses. In certain fields, Temple is able to offer complete degree programs at your organization's facility.


Temple's Corporate Training Program also offers organizations the opportunity to utilize the training facilities at Temple Center City through the Campus' Conference Center. Another alternative for companies is to send individual employees for professional training at our Ambler Campus.

For more information, contact the Office of Off-campus Programs at (215) 204-5018 or email: