About Off-campus Programs
and Training


Through the Office of Off-campus Programs, Temple University offers off-campus credit classes, certificate and degree programs, both graduate and undergraduate.  It also offers a wide array of continuing education and non-credit courses and Act 48 seminars.  These are the same high quality courses that are available to students on Temple's various campuses in the region.

Program Administration

The Off-campus Programs Staffers partner with Temple University's academic departments, schools and colleges to deliver off-campus programs.  Off-campus Programs partners with school districts, community colleges, businesses and non-profit organizations to deliver these classes in a professional or campus-like setting.


The Office of Off-campus Programs provides logistical support to faculty by registering non-matriculated students, arranging classroom space and technology, and by supporting marketing efforts to reach prospective students in Easter Pennsylvania.


For organizations, the staff facilitates the development of programs by arranging faculty to meet with organizations to discuss their needs.  Once a program is developed, the staff works to ensure that the classes are efficiently delivered.


For students, the staff arranges for the registration of non-degree students, provides training on how to use Temple University's registration and electronic payment system, how to order textbooks, and how to navigate the University's services.  Each student is provided with a Temple identification card which allows access to campus resources and the library.


For more information, please contact Off-campus Programs staff at 215-204-5018 or 215-204-7239 or email us.

Conferences and Meeting and Training Space

Classrooms, conference rooms, computer labs.  For more information please see Meeting and Training Space