About Us


Temple University is committed to designing its learning spaces to ensure access to everyone. To that end, the university has partnered with BrowseAloud, a software tool that reads web pages out loud.


How do I make the Temple web site talk?

Once you have BrowseAloud installed on your computer, all you need to do is hover your cursor over a selection of text. BrowseAloud will highlight the words and read them out loud.

Through the use of BrowseAloud, Temple University is making our web site
more accessible to the very wide variety of people who access it each day.
For some, they may have a reading difficulty, for others English may be
their second language and for many they may have a difficulty in reading
text on screen. BrowseAloud is free to anyone who wishes to access Temple's web sites.

How do I install BrowseAloud?

You can download BrowseAloud to your computer or to a USB drive from the BrowseAloud web site:

Follow the instructions on download page to install BrowseAloud on your computer. Please note: If you are using a university-owned computer, you will need to install BrowseAloud on an external USB drive.

Where can I get more information or help?

See the information and instructions for using BrowseAloud on the BrowseAloud web site:

If you need more help, you can e-mail or call: