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The Provost's Teaching Academy (PTA) is a diverse, interdisciplinary group of faculty members and academic administrators who are uniquely knowledgeable about the research on how people learn and best practices, and who serve as mentors in teaching and learning.

PTA members gain entry into the PTA by participating in an intensive summer faculty development program where they learn the theory and research on topics such as: human learning and adult development, best practices in integrated course design and assessment, and teaching methods that promote engagement and collaboration. In addition, members have the opportunity to reflect on and apply this knowledge to their own teaching practice.

The members of the PTA support excellent teaching at Temple in various ways. They serve as instructors of the requisite course for Temple's Teaching in Higher Education Certificate. Members also serve as mentors to graduate students completing the reflective practicum component of the certificate. Some PTA members apply their knowledge to leadership and mentoring roles within the university. PTA members are also called on to serve the Teaching & Learning Center, often facilitating faculty development workshops during the year, leading sessions at the Annual Faculty Conference on Teaching Excellence, and consulting with colleagues to enhance their pedagogy.

The first Academy took place in the summer of 2009. Read the featured story.






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