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Creative Options Forums: Choices Beyond Group Homes

Can my family member and a friend share costs to rent a house?
How can we arrange the supports they need and want?
What's a microboard?
Ever hear about self-directed support corporations?
Can I buy a home when my only income is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?
How can we purchase a home for our family member?
How can we use technology so our family member can live more independently?

Creative Options Forums were designed to answer questions and spark new ideas.

Smart Homes and Assistive Technology

Technology is incredible. Security systems are available that let us use our phones to watch what is going on in our house when we are at work. We have lights that turn on and off automatically when we come and go from a room. We have telephone systems and computer programs that can remind us of appointments, to take medication, to do the laundry...

Can technology support my family member to live more independently and be healthy and safe? In this session we cover many technological solutions including: telecare social alert platforms (sensors in the house that monitor if the person is standing, falling, or walking outside); environmental control systems; and automated home environments (remote controls for home technology, such as lights and phones).

 Smart Homes and Technology Webinar, Recorded Video and Transcript(November 2014)

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