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An Individual Support Plan (ISP) is a planning document that should be developed by you, the people who support you, and members of your planning team.

Your ISP should be all about you and written in a way that lets others know what support, if any, you need, at home and in the community.

Your ISP should include outcomes and be written in a way that promotes action by you and by those who support you. Ask those who know you well to help in the planning process which includes developing your plan. They may see your needs differently and it will be helpful for you to know their perspective.

You can ask your Supports Coordinator, job coach, friends, relatives, advocate or anyone else who knows and cares about you to help develop your plan. If the ISP is implemented properly, it can help you attain your goals and dreams. The ISP is extremely important because it allows you to have control and make choices about important activities in your life.

Your ISP will include Outcome Statements to outline what you and your team agree to do to make sure you have a safe, healthy and happy life. The services included in your ISP must be related to an identified need. Services included in your authorized ISP must be provided.

PDF documents require Adobe Reader. Get Adobe reader for PDF Get Adobe Reader

Partnership Trainings on ISP

The Partnership offers several trainings that relate to the development of the Indvidual Support Plan including interactive workshops on person-centered thinking.

To find the full list of ODP Bulletins, please see the Publications section of our website.