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Mentors conducts training in the central region and provides mentoring statewide.

Mentors for Self Determination

Ned Whitehead -
Mary Saunders -

Telephone:  717-233-2424
Website:  www.mentors4sd.org

Scheduler: Emily Key -

Mentors for Self Determination is a statewide group for people with developmental disabilities and their families. The group shares a strong belief in self-determination and a commitment to helping people live self-determined lives.

We provide information through one-on-one mentoring and training that enables people and families to expand their knowledge of and access to services and to navigate support systems. With sound knowledge and solid support, people are able to make choices, improve their quality of life, build healthy and helping relationships, contribute to the community, and gain control over supports they need to have everyday lives.

We are a resource for people with disabilities and family members as they learn about the principles of self-determination with the goal of forming helping partnerships among people with disabilities, their families, and support systems in their counties and throughout the state.

We are building a network of Self Advocates and Family Mentors in all counties. Mentors serve as local resources for other people, family members, organizations, county Mental Retardation offices, and state level committees. Mentors are located throughout the state.

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