Academic Advising

Faculty Advising and Mentoring

Students in Theater and Film and Media Arts are advised by professional academic advisors and faculty advisors. Students make advising appointments in the Center for the Arts Academic Advising Office located on the second floor of the Tyler building, Suite 212. Consult the Director of Undergraduate Affairs in Theater, Peter Reynolds at, for assignment to the appropriate advisor.

Academic advisors attempt to avoid errors when advising students about their program requirements, but schools and colleges cannot assume liability for errors in advising. Therefore, students must assume primary responsibility for knowing the requirements for their degree and for acquiring current information about their academic status.

Most students will be eligible to register for classes online via Self Service Banner through the TU Portal. However, all students should meet with an advisor prior to the eligible registration period.

Students preparing to graduate must file the necessary paperwork one semester prior to the graduation date. At that time, an appointment should be made with an academic advisor to complete a graduation review and application for graduation.

Advising Contact Info

Theater Majors are advised academically by Lesley Copans, a member of the Center for the Arts advising team.

Lesley Copans, Academic Advisor, Theater
137 Presser Hall
2001 N. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Center for the Arts Academic Advising
Tyler Building, Suite 212
2001 N. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

For general appointments, please contact Academic Advisors (

Commonly Used Forms

Undergraduate Request for Program Change

This form is used to declare/drop a major, minor or certificate, or to change campus or graduation date.

Medical Withdrawal

Please consider the following before downloading this form:

  • Medical withdrawal is to be used when a serious medical circumstance, family emergency, or change in employment beyond your control prevents you from continuing with all of your courses in the semester.
  • An exception to allow a medical withdrawal from only one course may be made if the medical circumstance directly interferes with the completion of only this course, e.g., you have broken your leg and are unable to continue with your Dance class.
  • Appropriate documentation is required and is outline in the Medical Withdrawal Instructions.
  • Students should discuss their situation with their academic advisor, their instructors, and Student Financial Services to determine the best course of action before proceeding with any withdrawal.
  • If approved, the medical withdrawals will not be applied toward the 5 permitted withdrawals. Please see the University withdrawal policy.
Request for Permission to Take Courses at Another Institution

If you are returning home for the summer and would like to catch up or get a little ahead of your credit total, you must get pre-evaluation & approval of any courses you wish to take. We suggest that you get 1 to 2 more courses than you actually want to take approved in case your first choice gets canceled or is closed. Any school you attend must be at least 50 miles from any Temple Campus, and you must be residing more than 50 miles from campus as well. Please see the form for additional criteria.

Re-Enrollment Form

If you have been away from Temple for more than a semester and are not on an approved Leave of Absence and wish to return, you must complete a re-enrollment form. If you were dismissed, however, you must contact the Center for the Arts Advising Office at 215-777-9193 or If the student was out more than one semester due to a medical leave, medical clearance must be submitted to the Center for the Arts Advising Office from your health provider.

Undergraduate Leave of Absence Petition

Please read all terms of this petition. The petition for the LOA may be faxed to 215-777-9155. It must be received before the end of the second week of classes for the upcoming semester.

During your leave of absence you will retain the following:

  • University requirements in place at time of your first semester at Temple and the requirements for the Catalog year in which you declared your program (major, minor, or certificates)
  • Temple email access and library access/borring privileges
  • Priority and self registration
Withdrawal with Approved Excuse

Please submit this form to the Center for the Arts Advising Office, Tyler Building, Suite 212.