Undergraduate Directing Concentration

The Directing Concentration prepares students to enter graduate directing programs or pursue professional careers in theater, television and film. The coursework provides the highest caliber of training possible within the context of a liberal arts education, so students can thrive either in a graduate conservatory program or in the profession. Through intensive and varied classes combined with experiential work in minimalist to full-scale productions, students develop the skills needed for creative communication and artistic leadership, tools they will need to pursue their professional goals.


  1. In order for the student to progress to the next level of study, prerequisites for admission to some classes are required.
  2. The Arts Exploratory Concentration for directors, 9 s.h. in the Foundation courses, must be three courses in one of the following areas: Music, Dance, Visual Art, or a behavioral science such as Psychology or Anthropology.
Additional Courses Required for the Directing Concentration
Course Number Course Name
4511 Creativity in Lighting
1202 or 2241 Fundamentals of Voice & Movement OR Basic Movement
2261 or 3132 Acting II OR Musical Theater Voice & Acting
3241 Combat & Stunts for the Actor
2441 Stage Management I
3051 Modern Directions
3301 Introduction to the Director's Art
4301 Advanced Directing
3191 Research
4711 or 2721 or 2612 History of Modern Scenic Design OR Scene Design I OR Costume Design I
4003 Production Dramaturgy

For a suggested 4-year course of study in the Directing Concentration, please refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin. Those who wish to pursue the Directing Concentration should contact Professor Doug Wager, Head of the Directing Program, at dwager@temple.edu.