Graduate Acting Program

Temple University offers a Three-Year MFA in Acting. The goal is to attract seasoned mid-career professionals interested in earning an MFA while re-examining their craft with the goal of achieving personal growth as artists and teachers. The program will run for three consecutive September-May school years. Successful candidates will receive tuition remission and an assistantship.

PLEASE NOTE: The next eligible entrance date is Fall 2015, and applications can be submitted beginning in September 2014.

If interested, please submit an application to the following address:

A complete application should include an application letter, a statement of purpose, three recommendations, your resume, and a copy of your undergraduate transcripts. We should receive your application no later than January 15 to receive most favorable consideration. Once we've reviewed your application, we'll contact you with an audition/interview appointment. (The next application period will begin in September of 2014 for admission in the fall of 2015.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Head of Graduate Acting at

The M.F.A. program in Theater/Acting provides classical training based on the conservatory model. The objective of the graduate acting program is to produce creative, skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the various disciplines of Theater, Television and Film. We are interested in students who have successfully dealt with the challenges of a professional career and are now at a point where they would like to aggressively re-examine their craft with the goal of achieving greater mastery as well as the ability to teach those skills to others.

For more information, please see the Graduate Bulletin.

Course of Study

The Temple approach to training professional actors is unique. It is based on two core principles. Firstly, through learning how to teach, the actor is forced to analyze his/her own technique in a deeper and more thorough way – we believe that this process allows already skilled artists to achieve unprecedented mastery. Secondly, our focus is on creating world-class theater by building an ensemble approach to the work. We firmly believe that the model of an ensemble of artists is the key to fostering not only personal growth, but also ensuring the positive evolution of theater in America.

The completion of 60 credits is necessary for the MFA in Acting. The degree can be completed over the course of three years excluding summers. Graduate Assistantships are available.

Course Work Includes:

Classes are small and allow for individual instruction. Students may choose to take elective courses from the resources of the entire university.

Requirements and Application

If an audition and interview are scheduled by the Department of Theater, the following applies during the recruiting cycle for the class entering September 2015:

To apply, please visit the Graduate Admissions Web Site.