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Visual Studies, edited by Douglas Harper, will consist of a broad range of books that regard photography, film, and other visual media as vehicles for exploring social and cultural themes. We are developing a series of illustrated books that draw on photographs as primary documents and that include a substantial analytic text; however, we will also consider unillustrated manuscripts on visual subjects. Douglas Harper is a photographer and sociologist who teaches at Potsdam College of the State University of New York.

Glenn Busch: You Are My Darling Zita
You Are My Darling Zita
Busch, Glenn

304 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-791-8
EAN 978-0-87722-791-5
Excerpt available

Melody D. Davis: The Male Nude in Contemporary Photography
The Male Nude in Contemporary Photography
Davis, Melody D.

208 pp • 7x10 • Fall 1991
paper 1-56639-198-9
EAN 978-1-56639-198-6
cloth 0-87722-839-6
EAN 978-0-87722-839-4

Davie Heiden: Dust to Dust
Dust to Dust
A Doctor's View of Famine in Africa

Heiden, David

224 pp • 7.5x10 • Spring 1992
cloth 0-87722-912-0
EAN 978-0-87722-912-4

Charles Keil, Angeliki V. Keil, Dick Blau: Polka Happiness
Polka Happiness
Keil, Charles, Angeliki V. Keil and Dick Blau

288 pp • 8x10 • Fall 1992
paper 1-56639-462-7
EAN 978-1-56639-462-8
cloth 0-87722-819-1
EAN 978-0-87722-819-6

Builder Levy: Images of Appalachian Coalfields
Images of Appalachian Coalfields
Levy, Builder, introduction by Helen Matthews Lewis, foreword by Cornell Capa

144 pp • 8x10 • Spring 1989
cloth 0-87722-588-5
EAN 978-0-87722-588-1

Richard Quinney: Journey to a Far Place
Journey to a Far Place
Autobiographical Reflections

Quinney, Richard

152 pp • 8x10 • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-725-X
EAN 978-0-87722-725-0
Excerpt available

Ronald Silvers: A Pause on the Path
A Pause on the Path
Silvers, Ronald

208 pp • Fall 1988
cloth 0-87722-559-1
EAN 978-0-87722-559-1

Helen M. Stummer: No Easy Walk
No Easy Walk
Newark, 1980-1993

Stummer, Helen M.

160 pp • 7x10 • Fall 1994
paper 1-56639-243-8
EAN 978-1-56639-243-3
cloth 1-56639-242-X
EAN 978-1-56639-242-6


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