A collection of essays explores the origins and consequences of retrenchment in European and American welfare states

Remaking the Welfare State

Retrenchment and Social Policy in America and Europe

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edited by Michael K. Brown

The 1980s have witnessed attempts in various Western countries to reduce the scale of welfare spending. This collection of essays explores the origins and consequences of retrenchment in European and American welfare states. The essays address two questions: To what extent has the welfare state really unraveled? And what has happened to the underlying political support for the welfare state? In answering these questions, the contributors find that the welfare state is more deeply institutionalized than many observes anticipated and that the bases of political support have changed.



1. Remaking the Welfare State: A Comparative Perspective – Michael K. Brown
2. Capitalism and the Welfare State: The Politics of Wages and Growth – Roger Friedland and Jimy Sanders
3. The Reagan Retrenchment in Historical Context – Barbara Gottschalk and Peter Gottschalk
4. Popular Power and the Welfare State – Frances Fox Piven and Richard Cloward
5. The Unraveling of West German Democracy? – Andrei S. Markovits and Jost Halfmann
6. The Mitterrand Experiment and the French Welfare State: An Interesting Uninteresting Story – George Ross
7. The British Welfare State and Thatcher's New Coalition – Joel Krieger
8. The Decline and Revival of the American Welfare State: Moral Criteria and Instrumental Reasoning in Critical Elections – J. David Greenstone
9. The Segmented Welfare System: Distributive Conflict and Retrenchment in the U.S., 1968-84 – Michael K. Brown
10. Problems and Prospects of the Welfare State in Italy – Enzo Mingione
11. The Unexpected Consequences of Privatization – Steven Rathger Smith and Deborah A. Stone
12. Reagan and Low-Income Mothers: A Feminist Recasting of the Debate – Wendy Sarvasy
13. Distress vs. Dependency: Changing Income Support Programs – William Darity Jr. and Samuel Myers Jr.
14. "Welfare": The Future of an Illusion – Andrew Hacker


About the Author(s)

Michael K. Brown is Associate Professor of Politics at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Contributors: Richard Cloward, William Darity Jr., Roger Friedland, Barbara Gottschalk, Peter Gottschalk, J. David Greenstone, Andrew Hacker, Jost Halfmann, Joel Krieger, Andrei S. Markovits, Enzo Mingione, Samuel Myers Jr., Frances Fox Piven, George Ross, Jimy Sanders, Wendy Sarvasy, Steven Rathger Smith, Deborah A. Stone, and the editor.

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Political Science and Public Policy



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