Presenting stimulating and divergent views on questions concerning morality in personal relationships


Person to Person

edited by George Graham and Hugh LaFollette

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"Concern about personal relations is widespread and cross-disciplinary, and the topic can certainly benefit from the rigorous analysis that philosophers are able to apply to it.... Nothing has been published in this area with the scope of this anthology."
Jeffrey Blustein, Mercy College

This collection of mostly original essays presents stimulating and divergent views on questions concerning morality in personal relationships. Clear, readable, and empirically informed, the contributions—by philosophers and psychologists—examine conflicts between intimates, apparent differences in the morality between intimates and more impersonal morality, and ideals of love, friendship, and family.


"A valuable introduction to the philosophy and psychology of personal relationships."


Part I: The Nature and Value of Personal Relationships
1. The Essence of Personal Relationships and Their Value for the Individual – Paul H. Wright
2. Adult Friendships – Barry McCarthy
3. Morality, Parents, and Children – James Rachels
4. In Search of an Ethics of Personal Relationships – John Hardwig
5. Philosophers Against the Family – Christina Hoff Sommers
6. Morality and Personal Relations – John Deigh
7. Love’s Way – Richard Garrett

Part II: Making Relationships Work
8. The Repair and Maintenance of Relationships – Robin Gilmour and Tuvia Melamed
9. Honesty and Intimacy – George Graham and Hugh LaFollette
10. Friends and Lovers – Laurence Thomas
11. Commitment and the Value of Marriage – Gordon Graham
12. Adolescent Confidentiality and Family Privacy – Ferdinand Schoeman
13. Paternalism Towards Friends – Norvin Richards
14. Of Jealousy and Envy – Daniel M. Farrell
15. Trusting Ex-Intimates – Annette Baier


About the Author(s)

George Graham is Associate Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Hugh LaFollette is Associate Professor of Philosophy at East Tennessee State University.

Subject Categories

Philosophy and Ethics


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