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Worker Participation and the Politics of Reform

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edited by Carmen Sirianni

This collection of essays brings together the latest research on worker participation by some of the leading experts in the field. The issues of new technology, changing skills and the labor process, union power, worktime innovation, and gender are central to the analyses of participatory and Quality of Work Life programs. The scope of reforms examined ranges from Northern and Western Europe, the United States and Japan, to Eastern Europe and China, and less developed countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Managerial, union, and government strategies are viewed as part of the politics of reform both at the level of the workplace and in the larger arenas of industrial relations and political environment.

Worker participation emerges from these essays as a phenomenon of great diversity and innovativeness, of promise as well as disappointment, and thus requires a broad perspective on power and social change.


About the Author(s)

Carmen Sirianni is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Northeastern University, Boston.

Contributors: Robert E. Cole, Robert Howard, Leslie Schneider, Andrew Martin, Giuseppe Della Rocca, Christopher S. Allen, George Ross, Ellen Comisso, Henry Norr, Jeanne L. Wilson, Evelyne Huber Stephens, and the editor.

Subject Categories

Labor Studies and Work
Political Science and Public Policy

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Labor and Social Change, edited by Paula Rayman and Carmen Sirianni.

Labor and Social Change, edited by Paula Rayman and Carmen Sirianni, includes books on workplace issues like worker participation, quality of work life, shorter hours, technological change, and productivity, as well as union and community organizing and ethnographies of particular occupations.



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