A social history and sociology of American Jewry

America's Jews in Transition

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Chaim Waxman

"The best general overview of contemporary American Jewish life that now exists....Waxman brilliantly succeeds in summarizing and synthesizing a large number of recent studies (his bibliography is a reference work in itself), and he manages to place everything both in historical perspective and within the framework of broader sociological theories of ethnicity and religion. The book is well written and organized."

The book is a social history and sociology of American Jewry. It provides an up-to-date analysis of the contemporary American Jewish community, an analysis that includes educational, occupational, income, and political patterns of American Jews; the American Jewish family; anti-semitism; the relationship between American Jews and Israel; and the recent immigration of Soviet, Israeli, and Iranian Jews to the USA.

In synthesizing a vast array of empirical studies, the author argues that while American Jews have been successful in their quest to integrate into the American social system, recent developments both in the American social and cultural system, at large, and within the Jewish community, in particular, indicate that this ethno-religious group is confronting the challenge to its continuity and its manifesting survivalist strengths which were not readily apparent in earlier generations.

America's Jews in Transition should interest students in a wide range of fields, among them sociology, ethnic studies, Jewish studies, American studies, and religious studies. Because of its breadth and the freshness of its material, the book should also appeal to the general reader.


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Chaim Waxman is Associate Professor in Sociology at Rutgers University. He is the author of many articles and books, and former president of the Association for the Sociological Study of Jewry.

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