Stories from an important, if little noticed, neighborhood of Philadelphia

The Forgotten Bottom Remembered

Stories from a Philadelphia Neighborhood

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edited by August Tarrier

"I loved the honesty and warmth of these voices."
Lorene Cary, author of The Price of a Child

The Forgotten Bottom is the nickname for a small neighborhood in South Philadelphia. The Forgotten Bottom Remembered is a collection of interviews with the residents of this neighborhood about what it was like to grow up and live in the area. The interviews were conducted by students in the Community Publishing class at Temple University.

Distributed by Temple University Press for the New City Community Press


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August Tarrier works as an editor and manuscript consultant, specializing in novels and screenplays, as well as scholarly and academic work, including articles for professional journals, dissertations, and books. She leads writing workshops with community members in Philadelphia. She was formerly the Editor of New City Press, a community press in Philadelphia. August earned a Ph.D in contemporary literature from Temple University and currently teaches creative-writing at Villanova University. She has won four national awards for her short stories, including the Zoetrope Prize, and is currently at work on a novel. (For more information, see

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