This acclaimed series provides a vast range of material on free Black labor

Black Workers

A Documentary History from Colonial Times to the Present

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edited by Philip S. Foner and Ronald L. Lewis

While there have been many accounts of the lives and conditions of Blacks under slavery, this is the first documentary work to include substantial material on free Black workers. It draws together a vast range of materials from newspapers, census reports, testimonies, speeches, letters, and many other sources to tell the story of this long-neglected side of Black life.

This acclaimed series provides a vast range of material on free Black labor. Each volume includes an introduction, notes, and index.


About the Author(s)

Philip S. Foner is Professor of History at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania. He is the author of History of the Labor Movement in the United States (4 volumes) and Life and Writings of Frederick Douglass (5 volumes).

Ronald L. Lewis is Assistant Professor in the Black American Studies Department at the University of Delaware. His most recent publication is Coal, Iron, and Slaves: Industrial Slavery in Maryland and Virginia, 1715-1865.

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African American Studies
Labor Studies and Work
American Studies



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