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Russell Schneider

Philadelphia Book Clinic Certificate of Award, 1997

"[T]he most inclusive and best researched history of the franchise ever written....All baseball fans-especially fans of the Indians-will enjoy reading this book and using it for reference."
Bob Feller

Propelled into the World Series for the first time since 1954, the Cleveland Indians have proved to the world they are no longer a run-of-the-mill team. These current contenders burst out from behind a long history beginning in 1869 when professional baseball first came to Cleveland. By 1901 Cleveland had become a charter member of the American League as the Cleveland Blues, then the Cleveland Bronchos in 1902, the Cleveland Naps in 1903, and finally the Cleveland Indians in 1914.

From the team's earliest incarnation to their successful years between 1948 and 1954 to this season's stellar rise, this comprehensive volume traces the genesis of baseball in Cleveland, covering team lore and legend, the controversies, the triumphs, and the heartaches. It includes:

  • 200 player profiles—from Napolean Lajoie of the early 1900s to 1960s star Rocky Colavito to today's headliners like Dave Winfield and Eddie Murray

  • season-by-season descriptions of great moments and memories

  • over 700 illustrations of players, game highlights, and memorabilia, including a 16-page color photo gallery

  • extensive statistics, including box scores, team and individual records, and trades

  • the World Series championships, the managerial strategies, the personalities, honors, and the milestones

  • an immense treasure-trove of little known facts and surprising anecdotes

With special sections on the ballparks, the front office staff, the Hall of Famers, and the postseason, this book is a wealth of information for Indians fans, sports mavens, and trivia buffs alike.


About the Author(s)

Russell Schneider was a sportswriter and columnist for The Plain Dealer in Cleveland for 32 years. He is the author of The Making of a Manager: Frank Robinson and Lou Boudreau: Covering All the Bases and is now a freelance writer based in Ohio.

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