A remarkable collection of feminist art-works and critical essays exposes the diverse cultural representations of women



New American Feminist Photographies

edited by Diane Neumaier, foreword by Anne Wilkes Tucker

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"Reframings makes a tremendous contribution to the field of photography, art, and feminist theory. There is a definite need to reflect on the representation of women through the eyes of feminist artists and critics and probe issues in new and provocative ways-this book does just that. The multiple perspectives and voices of these women ensure an incredibly rich and diverse analysis of what is 'American' and what is 'feminism.'"
Constance Wolf, Associate Director, Whitney Museum of American Art

This diverse and compelling collection of contemporary feminist visual art is now available in a paperback edition.

Reframings makes visible what has been for too long nearly invisible: contemporary feminist visual art that represents a remarkable range of perspectives, styles, and subject matter. The forty-five women who created these works-artists and writers such as Deborah Willis, Carrie Mae Weems, Nan Goldin, and Carm Little Turtle-are connected by a belief that images are political and that today's feminist concerns cannot be separated from such issues as ethnicity, class, age, and sexuality. They share a consciousness that historically women have been "framed" and can now be "reframed."


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"This path breaking book unmasks a key artist movement long neglected by the photography establishment: the canonbusting contribution of feminist photographers over the past decade. Besides providing a comprehensive look at the seldom seen work of over 30 artists, this volume constitutes a major intervention into the discourse of photography criticism. Diane Neumaier and her stellar cast of critics and artists supply the missing pieces in the puzzle of postmodernism."
Brian Wallis, contributing editor, Art in America

"This is an ambitious, exceptional book in its scope, breadth, and inclusiveness.... Neumaier does not shy away from the difficult questions that conflicting interpretations present. Instead she embraces a diversity of opinion and, at times, conflicting points of view to explore a wide range of American feminist issues and experiences."

"Providing visibility to feminist photographers and theorists, and emphasizing the interrelation of the two, Reframings expands the parameters of feminist discourse, while at the same time collecting a canon to which scholars might refer in the future."


Foreword – Anne Wilkes Tucker
Acknowledgments – Diane Neumaier
Introduction – Diane Neumaier

Part I: Gendering Space
1. Recent Public Works – Barbara Kruger
2. from The family Tapes – Marilyn Nance
3. from WWII American and Soviet Women Pilots – Anne Noggle
4. from Making the Most of Your Backyard: The Story Behind an Ideal Beauty – Kaucyila Brooke
5. Voyeurism and Its Discontents – Sherry Millner
6. Is This How I Look? – Carol Simon Rosenblatt
7. Undertones: Ten Cultural Landscapes – Lucy R. Lippard

Part II: Domestic Production / Reproduction / Resistance
8. from between the birthdays – Linda Brooks
9. from Live and Let Die – Gail S. Rebhan
10. from Reframing the Past – Nancy Barton
11. from Archiving Abuse – Clarissa Sligh
12. from It's All There in Black and White – Susan Meiselas
13. from African American Spirit – S. A. Bachman
14. Women's Stories/Women's Photobiographies – Deborah Willis

Part III: Identity Formations
15. from Valley Girls: The Construction of Feminine Identity in Consumer Culture – Sarah Hart
16. from A Legacy of Restraint – Leigh Kane
17. from Decide Who You Are – Adrian Piper
18. Three Works – Lorna Simpson
19. Hard Glance: Asian American Image and Identity – Diane Tani
20. As in Her Vision: Native American Women Photographers – Theresa Harlan

Part IV: Postcolonial Legacies
21. from Bringing the War Home: House Beautiful – Martha Rosler
22. Type/Cast: (not the typical) portrait of a revolutionary – Esther Parada
23. DeColonization – Yong Soon Min
24. from Native Programming – HuIleah Tsinhnahjinnie
25. Two lnstallations – Pat Ward Williams
26. ODELLA/Carlota – Julia Ballerini

Part V: Rationalizing and Realizing the Body
27. Untitled Pinhole Photographs – Martha Casanave
28. from Claiming the Gaze – Linn Underhill
29. from The Global Face of AIDS: Photographs of Women – Ann Meredith
30. from Untitled Heads – Jin Lee
31. from How to Read Character – Carla Williams
32. from X-Rayed (Altered) – Dorit Cypis
33. A Meditation on Bearing/Baring the Body – Moira Roth

Part VI: Sex and Anxiety
34. from The DeSublimation of Romance – Connie Hatch
35. Untitled from Kitchen Table Series – Carrie Mae Weems
36. from Tremors from the Faultline – Tamarra Kaida
37. Untitled – Cindy Sherman
38. from Dear Shirley – Hinda Schuman
39. from The Other Side – Nan Goldin
40. This Is Not a Fairy Tale: A Middle-aged Female Pervert (White) in the Era of Multiculturalism – Catherine Lord

Part VII: Crossing Over: Reimagining and Reimaging
41. from Latina Lesbians – Laura Aguilar
42. Justice on TV, from A Guide to the Wasteland – Margaret Stratton
43. from Earthman Series – Carm Little Turtle
44. from Being and Having – Catherine Opie
45. from Aboutface – Coreen Simpson
46. Turning the Tables: Three Asian American Artists – Valerie Soe

Part VIII: Rerepresenting Representation
47. Ancient History/Recent History – Ann Fessler
48. from Contemplation of the Journey Home – Betty Lee
49. The Management of Desire – Deborah Bright
50. from Metropolitan Tits – Diane Neumaier
51. from Theatres of Madness – Susan Jahoda
52. from Corpus – Mary Kelly
53. Representing Women: The Politics of Self-Representation – Abigail Solomon-Codeau

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About the Author(s)

Diane Neumaier is Associate Professor of Visual Arts at Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University.

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Art and Photography
Women's Studies


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