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Our web site has generated a great deal of interest from people who would like to publish with the Press. The following guidelines address the questions potential authors most often ask the editors about submitting new projects.

What Should You Send?

Apart from the cover letter and collateral material, editors strongly prefer to have all material typed and doublespaced. We prefer to receive inquiries sent by email or disk. Please send only photocopies of art work; the Press cannot be responsible for one-of-a-kind materials.

For projects in the early stages of development, you might begin with a written inquiry or phone call to determine whether the topic is suited to Temple’s editorial program. If you decide to send the proposal you have prepared, you should include a project overview, table of contents (with contributors’ names, if appropriate), your c.v. or resume, and any available sample materials (e.g., abstracts, draft chapters, previously published work on a related topic, copies of illustrations).

If you would like to submit a completed or nearly completed manuscript, you should send a brief inquiry (by mail or email) or speak with an editor first to discuss the book’s appropriateness for our list. When you send the manuscript, you should include your c.v. or resume as well as a cover letter that tells us whether you are also submitting it to other publishers. Manuscripts should come via email attachment as word files (.doc) so that we can easily print and resize files if we decide to send them out for review.

You are welcome to suggest possible readers for your proposal or manuscript; if you do, please supply their current affiliations. Please do not, however, contact the potential reviewers yourself. The editor will discuss your work and review process with you before deciding whether to send the project out for further evaluation.

An envelope with return postage is customary if you would like your materials returned to you in the event that we do not pursue the project.


To Which Editor?

If you have a project that you would like to submit to the Press, you can send an inquiry to Sara Cohen, Assistant Editor, or directly to the editor who seems to be responsible for acquiring in your field. Our list is highly interdisciplinary, so the right choice is not always obvious. Be assured, though, that your project will soon find its way to the appropriate person.

Janet M. Francendese
Please direct any and all queries about projects in Asian American Studies.

Micah Kleit
Executive Editor
Acquires titles in American Studies, Media and Television Studies, Political and Social Theory, Sociology of Health, Religion, Sports, and Regional Studies. Coordinates planning for trade titles.

Aaron Javsicas
Senior Editor
Acquires titles in Political Science, Criminology, and Urban Studies.

Sara Cohen
Assistant Editor
Acquires titles in Music and Literature.


To What Address?

for mail:
Temple University Press
1852 N. 10th Street
Philadelphia PA 19122

for UPS/FedEx:
Temple University Press
2450 West Hunting Park Ave.
Philadelphia PA 19129

Phone: 215.926.2140
Fax: 215.926.2141


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