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Philadelphia has always been a city that has embraced a richness of voice and vision, defying attempts to define it in a one-dimensional frame. Books in this series, Philadelphia Voices, Philadelphia Visions, edited by David W. Bartelt, will give voice to the diverse communities and perspectives that help define the city, and to address public issues that the city's community, civic and academic leadership raise in the public arena. The series is interdisciplinary, encompassing discussions of social divisions, cultural heterogeneity, and the importance of popular culture as expressions of communities that critique, celebrate, and continually reconstitute the Philadelphia region.

Restructuring the Philadelphia Region
Restructuring the Philadelphia Region
Metropolitan Divisions and Inequality

Adams, Carolyn, David W. Bartelt, David Elesh and Ira Goldstein with Michelle Schmitt and Joshua Freely

248 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2008
paper 978-1-59213-897-5
cloth 978-1-59213-896-8
Excerpt available

Richardson Dilworth: Social Capital in the City
Social Capital in the City
Community and Civic Life in Philadelphia

edited by Dilworth, Richardson

256 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2006
paper 978-1-59213-345-1
cloth 978-1-59213-344-4
Excerpt available

Pushing Back the Gates
Pushing Back the Gates
Neighborhood Perspectives on University-Driven Revitalization in West Philadelphia

Etienne, Harley F.

192 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 2012
paper 978-1-4399-0069-7
cloth 978-1-4399-0068-0
Excerpt available

Global Philadelphia
Global Philadelphia
Immigrant Communities Old and New

edited by Takenaka, Ayumi and Mary Johnson Osirim

320 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2010
paper 978-1-43990-013-0
cloth 978-1-43990-012-3
Excerpt available


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