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Marybeth F. Ayella: Insane Therapy Insane Therapy
Portrait of a Psychotherapy Cult

Ayella, Marybeth F.

213 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1998
paper 978-1-56639-601-1
cloth 978-1-56639-600-4

Psychiatry and Behavioral Science Psychiatry and Behavioral Science
An Introduction and Study Guide for Medical Students

edited by Baron, MSEd, DO, David and Ellen Sholevar, MD

320 pp • 7x10 • Spring 2008
paper 978-1-59213-531-8

Leonard Berkowitz: Aggression Aggression
Its Causes, Consequences, and Control

Berkowitz, Leonard

496 pp • 6.4x9.3 • Spring 1993
cloth 978-1-56639-033-0<


The Rush to End Grief and What It Costs Us

Berns, Nancy

228 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2011
paper 978-1-4399-0577-7
cloth 978-1-4399-0576-0

Gary G. Brannigan, Matthew R. Merrens: Undaunted Psychologist Undaunted Psychologist
edited by Brannigan, Gary G. and Matthew R. Merrens

320 pp • 6.5x9.25 • Fall 1992
cloth 978-1-56639-015-6

John C. Burnham: Paths into American Culture
Paths into American Culture
Burnham, John C.

Fall 1987
cloth 978-0-87722-505-8

Virginia L. Colin: Human Attachment
Human Attachment
Colin, Virginia L.

416 pp • 6.5x9.25 • Spring 1996
cloth 1-56639-459-7
EAN 978-1-56639-459-8

William E. Cross, Jr.: Shades of Black Shades of Black
Diversity in African American Identity

Cross, Jr., William E.

296 pp • Spring 1991
paper 978-0-87722-949-0
cloth 978-0-87722-759-5

The Teacher's Attention

The Teacher's Attention
Why Our Kids Must and Can Get Smaller Schools and Classes
Delavan, Garrett

244 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2009
paper 978-1-59213-894-4
cloth 978-1-59213-893-7

Michelle Fine, Adrienne Asch: Women with Disabilities Women with Disabilities
Essays in Psychology, Culture, and Politics

edited by Fine, Michelle and Adrienne Asch

347 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1987
paper 978-0-87722-669-7
cloth 978-0-87722-474-7

Robert L. Fried, Seymour Sarason: The Skeptical Visionary The Skeptical Visionary
A Seymour Sarason Education Reader

edited by Fried, Robert L., Seymour Sarason

312 pp • 7x10 • Fall 2002
paper 978-1-56639-980-7
cloth 978-1-56639-979-1

George Graham, Hugh LaFollette: Person to Person Person to Person
edited by Graham, George and Hugh LaFollette

336 pp • Fall 1988
cloth 978-0-87722-576-8

Elements of Discipline Elements of Discipline
Nine Principles for Teachers and Parents

Greenspan, Stephen, foreword by Arnold Sameroff

212 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2012
paper 978-1-4399-0897-6
cloth 978-1-4399-0896-9

Marvin Harris, Eric B. Ross: Food and Evolution Food and Evolution
Toward a Theory of Human Food Habits

edited by Harris, Marvin and Eric B. Ross

640 pp • Spring 1987
paper 978-0-87722-668-0
cloth 978-0-87722-435-8

Larry Hirschhorn, Carole K. Barnett: The Psychodynamics of Organizations The Psychodynamics of Organizations
edited by Hirschhorn, Larry and Carole K. Barnett

288 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1993
paper 978-1-56639-021-7
cloth 978-1-56639-020-0

History of Psychology
Hothersall, David

Spring 1984
cloth 978-0-87722-354-2

Jane Wegscheider Hyman: Women Living with Self-Injury Women Living with Self-Injury
Hyman, Jane Wegscheider

248 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1999
paper 978-1-56639-721-6
cloth 978-1-56639-720-9

Messages from Home Messages from Home
The Parent-Child Home Program for Overcoming Educational Disadvantage

Levenstein, Phyllis and Susan Levenstein

Revised and Updated Edition
288 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2008
paper 978-1-59213-677-3
cloth 978-1-59123-676-6

M. Brinton Lykes, Ali Banuazizi, Ramsay Liem, Michael Morris: Myths about the Powerless Myths about the Powerless
Contesting Social Inequalities

edited by Lykes, M. Brinton, Ali Banuazizi, Ramsay Liem and Michael Morris, foreword by George W. Albee

416 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1996
paper 978-1-56639-422-2
cloth 978-1-56639-421-5

Caroline Malone, Linda Farthing, Lorraine Marce: The Memory Bird The Memory Bird
Survivors of Sexual Abuse

edited by Malone, Caroline, Linda Farthing and Lorraine Marce

295 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1997
paper 978-1-56639-526-7
cloth 978-1-56639-525-0


The Social Destruction of Self
Martocci, Laura

220 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2014
paper 978-1-43991-073-3
cloth 978-1-43991-072-6

Crime and Family

Crime and Family
Selected Essays of Joan McCord
McCord, Joan, introduction by David Farrington, foreword by Geoffrey Sayre-McCord

320 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2006
paper 978-1-59213-558-5
cloth 978-1-59213-557-8

Shaming the Constitution Shaming the Constitution
The Detrimental Results of Sexual Violent Predator Legislation

Perlin, Michael L. and Heather Ellis Cucolo

324 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2017
paper 978-1-4399-1292-8
cloth 978-1-4399-1291-1

Scott Plous: Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making
Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making
Plous, Scott

Spring 1993
cloth 0-87722-913-9
EAN 978-0-87722-913-1

Maria P. P. Root: Love's Revolution Love's Revolution
Interracial Marriage

Root, Maria P. P.

240 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2000
paper 978-1-56639-826-8
cloth 978-1-56639-825-1

Paul C. Rosenblatt: Help Your Marriage Survive the Death of a Child Help Your Marriage Survive the Death of a Child
Rosenblatt, Paul C.

200 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 2000
paper 978-1-56639-805-3
cloth 978-1-56639-804-6

Lee Ross, Richard E. Nisbett: The Person and the Situation The Person and the Situation
Essential Contributions of Social Psychology

Ross, Lee and Richard E. Nisbett

1992 pp • Spring 1991
cloth 978-0-87722-851-6

Eva Rueschmann: Sisters on Screen Sisters on Screen
Siblings in Contemporary Cinema

Rueschmann, Eva

304 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1999
paper 978-1-56639-747-6
cloth 978-1-56639-746-9

Victoria Anne Steinitz, Ellen Rachel Solomon: Starting Out Starting Out
Class and Community in the Lives of Working-Class Youth

Steinitz, Victoria Anne and Ellen Rachel Solomon

248 pp • Fall 1986
paper 978-0-87722-620-8
cloth 978-0-87722-430-3

Mary Stimming, Maureen Stimming: Before Their Time Before Their Time
Adult Children's Experiences of Parental Suicide

edited by Stimming, Mary and Maureen Stimming

240 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1998
paper 978-1-56639-655-4
cloth 978-1-56639-654-7

The Sense of Self
A Guide to How We Mature

Stringer, Lorene A.

170 pp • Spring 1971
cloth 978-0-87722-008-4

Menachem Student: In the Shadow of War In the Shadow of War
Memories of a Soldier and Therapist

Student, Menachem, foreword by Terry A. Kupers

192 pp • Spring 1991
cloth 978-0-87722-789-2

Hazel Thornton: Hung Jury
Hung Jury
The Diary of a Menendez Juror

20 Years Later
Thornton, Hazel

206 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 2017
paper 978-1-4399-1513-4

Rhoda Unger, Mary Crawford: Women and Gender Women and Gender
A Feminist Psychology

Unger, Rhoda and Mary Crawford

549 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 978-0-87722-897-4

William Vitek: Promising Promising
Vitek, William

288 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1993
cloth 978-1-56639-052-1

Darin Weinberg: Of Others Inside Of Others Inside
Insanity, Addiction, and Belonging in America

Weinberg, Darin, foreword by Bryan S. Turner

248 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2005
paper 978-1-59213-404-5
cloth 978-1-59213-403-8

ā€¯Wiley: Inner Speech and the Dialogical Self
Wiley, Norbert

218 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2016
paper 978-1-4399-1328-4
cloth 978-1-4399-1327-7

Philip G. Zimbardo, Michael R. Leippe: Psychology of Attitude Change and Social Influence Psychology of Attitude Change and Social Influence
Zimbardo, Philip G. and Michael R. Leippe

400 pp • Spring 1991
cloth 978-0-87722-852-3


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