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Suicide Squeeze
Suicide Squeeze by William Kashatus, was named an Outstanding Academic Title for 2017 by Choice. [Note: link to see review may require subscription.]

Whisper Not
Ray Didinger, author of The New Eagles Encyclopedia, will be at the Barnes & Noble WILMINGTON, 4801 Concord Pike, on January 20 at 2:00 pm.

Yasemin Besen-Cassino will present her book THE COST OF BEING A GIRL, at the Philadelphia City Institute Library, 1905 Locust Street (on Rittenhouse Square) January 31 at 6:30 pm.

Hot Off The Press

  • Toward a Pragmatist SociologyToward a Pragmatist Sociology
    John Dewey and the Legacy of C. Wright Mills

    Robert G. Dunn

    "With Toward a Pragmatist Sociology, Robert Dunn has taken on a massive intellectual task, the goal of which is to reinvigorate the discipline of sociology. One of the early roots of the field, a deep concern for the practical betterment of society, never achieved a high or sustained status within the disciplinary boundaries. While C. Wright Mills is well known, Dunn's ability to seamlessly and convincingly resituate Mills in the pragmatist tradition will surprise many."
    Troy Duster, Chancellor's Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley

  • Biz Mackey, a Giant behind the PlateBiz Mackey, a Giant behind the Plate
    The Story of the Negro League Star and Hall of Fame Catcher

    Rich Westcott Forewords by Monte Irvin and Ray C. Mackey III

    A celebrated ballplayer before African Americans were permitted to join Major League Baseball, Biz Mackey ranks as one of the top catchers ever to play the game. Using archival materials and interviews with former Negro League players, baseball historian Rich Westcott chronicles the catcher's life and remarkable career as well as providing an in-depth look at Philadelphia Negro League history. With Biz Mackey, he finally gets the biography he deserves.

  • Why Veterans RunWhy Veterans Run
    Military Service in American Presidential Elections, 1789–2016

    Jeremy M. Teigen

    Teigen describes the veteran candidate phenomenon by examining the related factors and patterns, showing why different eras have more former generals running and why the number of veterans in election cycles varies. With both quantitative and qualitative analysis, Why Veterans Run investigates each postwar era in U.S. electoral history and elaborates why so many veterans run for office.

  • A Road to Peace and Freedom"A Road to Peace and Freedom"
    The International Workers Order and the Struggle for Economic Justice and Civil Rights, 1930–1954

    Robert M. Zecker

    "Based on extremely impressive research, 'A Road to Peace and Freedom' offers the first comprehensive history of the International Workers Order, a large Communist-initiated federation of immigrant insurance benefit societies that also lobbied for the rights of workers and the foreign-born. Zecker makes his arguments concrete by looking at the lives and aspirations of rank-and-file members. His book is a fascinating analysis of an organization, and well-positioned within a historiography open to seeing positive contributions by Communists."
    David Roediger, Foundation Professor of American Studies at the University of Kansas

  • Selling Transracial AdoptionSelling Transracial Adoption
    Families, Markets, and the Color Line

    Elizabeth Raleigh

    Raleigh's eye-opening book provides a fine-grained analysis of the business decisions in the adoption industry and what it teaches us about notions of kinship and race.

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North Philly Notes
This week in North Philly Notes, Yasemin Besen-Cassino, author of The Cost of Being a Girl, discusses the origins of the gender wage gap.

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