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Across the Pacific

Across the Pacific
Asian Americans and Globalization

Hu-DeHart, Evelyn

How transnational relationships and interactions in Asian American communities are manifested

232 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1999
cloth 1-56639-710-3
EAN 978-1-56639-710-0

Alternative Health Care

Alternative Health Care
Medicine, Miracle, or Mirage?

Goldstein, Michael S.

What is alternative medicine? Why is it so popular? What's its future in American health care?

280 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-678-6
EAN 978-1-56639-678-3
cloth 1-56639-677-8
EAN 978-1-56639-677-6

American Conversations

American Conversations
Puerto Ricans, White Ethnics, and Multicultural Education

Bigler, Ellen

An inside look at one revealing battle over multicultural education

296 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-688-3
EAN 978-1-56639-688-2
cloth 1-56639-687-5
EAN 978-1-56639-687-5

Baseball Managers

Baseball Managers
Stats, Stories, and Strategies

Bloss, Robert

All the Teams' Men from 1901 through 1998

400 pp • 6x9.2 • Spring 1999
cloth 1-56639-661-1
EAN 978-1-56639-661-5

The Cardinals Encyclopedia

The Cardinals Encyclopedia
Eisenbath, Michael, and Stan Musial

Photos, memorabilia, and the most comprehensive and detailed account of Redbird baseball history

652 pp • 9x12 • Spring 1999
cloth 1-56639-703-0
EAN 978-1-56639-703-2

Deep Vegetarianism

Deep Vegetarianism
Fox, Michael Allen

A compelling argument for a vegetarian lifestyle

234 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-705-7
EAN 978-1-56639-705-6
cloth 1-56639-704-9
EAN 978-1-56639-704-9

Doing What Had to Be Done

Doing What Had to Be Done
The Life Narrative of Dora Yum Kim

Chin, Soo-Young

The history of Koreans in America as told through the remarkable life story of one Korean American woman

272 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-694-8
EAN 978-1-56639-694-3
cloth 1-56639-693-X
EAN 978-1-56639-693-6

Fast Lives

Fast Lives
Women Who Use Crack Cocaine

Sterk, Claire E.

An in-depth look at the lives, struggles, and dilemmas of women who use crack cocaine

256 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-672-7
EAN 978-1-56639-672-1
cloth 1-56639-671-9
EAN 978-1-56639-671-4

Helping Out

Helping Out
Children's Labor in Ethnic Businesses

Song, Miri

An examination of children's work roles in ethnic businesses

247 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-709-X
EAN 978-1-56639-709-4
cloth 1-56639-708-1
EAN 978-1-56639-708-7

Heroes in Hard Times

Heroes in Hard Times
Cop Action Movies in the U.S.

King, Neal

An in-your-face look at the cop action movie genre

282 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-702-2
EAN 978-1-56639-702-5
cloth 1-56639-701-4
EAN 978-1-56639-701-8

Liberating Method

Liberating Method
Feminism and Social Research

DeVault, Marjorie L.

One researcher examines the dimensions of feminist research

275 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-698-0
EAN 978-1-56639-698-1
cloth 1-56639-697-2
EAN 978-1-56639-697-4

Love, Sorrow, and Rage

Love, Sorrow, and Rage
Destitute Women in a Manhattan Residence

Waterston, Alisse

Poor women's lives and stories of the street, etched into a narrative of the heart

235 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-707-3
EAN 978-1-56639-707-0
cloth 1-56639-706-5
EAN 978-1-56639-706-3

Meaning of a Disability

Meaning of a Disability
The Lived Experience of Paralysis

Robillard, Albert R.

A self-study of paralysis and meaningful interaction

208 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-676-X
EAN 978-1-56639-676-9
cloth 1-56639-675-1
EAN 978-1-56639-675-2

Midwifery and Childbirth in America

Midwifery and Childbirth in America
Rooks, Judith Pence, and Charles S. Mahan, M.D.

The definitive account of the many forces that intersect over the issue of childbirth

New in Paperback!
576 pp • 7x10 • Fall 1997
paper 1-56639-711-1
EAN 978-1-56639-711-7

Missed Connections

Missed Connections
Hard of Hearing in a Hearing World

Stenross, Barbara

A new kind of self-help book for the hearing impaired

139 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-682-4
EAN 978-1-56639-682-0
cloth 1-56639-681-6
EAN 978-1-56639-681-3

Neither Separate Nor Equal

Neither Separate Nor Equal
Women, Race, and Class in the South

Smith, Barbara Ellen

The diverse lives of contemporary Southern women

296 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-680-8
EAN 978-1-56639-680-6
cloth 1-56639-679-4
EAN 978-1-56639-679-0

Ordinary Lives

Ordinary Lives
Platoon 1005 and the Vietnam War

Ehrhart, W. D.

A poet's search for his 1966 Marine platoon

344 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1999
cloth 1-56639-674-3
EAN 978-1-56639-674-5

Queer Family Values

Queer Family Values
Debunking the Myth of the Nuclear Family

Lehr, Valerie

The flaw in the fight for gay and lesbian marriage

224 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-684-0
EAN 978-1-56639-684-4
cloth 1-56639-683-2
EAN 978-1-56639-683-7

Songs of the Caged, Songs of the Free

Songs of the Caged, Songs of the Free
Music and the Vietnamese Refugee Experience

Reyes, Adelaida

Viewing the Vietnamese refugee experience through its music

248 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-686-7
EAN 978-1-56639-686-8
cloth 1-56639-685-9
EAN 978-1-56639-685-1

The Trial Laywer's Art

The Trial Lawyer's Art
Schrager, Sam

The truth about courtroom craft

264 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1999
cloth 1-56639-673-5
EAN 978-1-56639-673-8

Tutoring Matters

Tutoring Matters
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About How To Tutor
Rabow, Jerome, Tiffani Chin, and Nima Fahimian

The authoritative manual for both the aspiring and seasoned tutor

240 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-696-4
EAN 978-1-56639-696-7

Understanding Dogs

Understanding Dogs
Living and Working with Canine Companions

Sanders, Clinton

What your dog really means to you-and what you mean to your dog

224 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-690-5
EAN 978-1-56639-690-5
cloth 1-56639-689-1
EAN 978-1-56639-689-9

Weaving Work and Motherhood

Weaving Work and Motherhood
Garey, Anita Ilta

A new understanding of working mothers

240 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1999
paper 1-56639-700-6
EAN 978-1-56639-700-1
cloth 1-56639-699-9
EAN 978-1-56639-699-8

Yellow Light

Yellow Light
The Flowering of Asian American Arts

Ling, Amy

Is there a distinctive Asian American creative sensibility?

384 pp • 7x10 • Spring 1999
cloth 1-56639-670-0
EAN 978-1-56639-670-7


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