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The American Perception of Class
Vanneman, Reeve, and Lynn Weber Cannon

This provocative book presents a new vision of the American working class

384 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-436-6
EAN 978-0-87722-436-5


Between Women
Domestics and Their Employers

Rollins, Judith

A study of the unique relationship between women employers and employees

256 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1985
paper 0-87722-491-9
EAN 978-0-87722-491-4
cloth 0-87722-383-1
EAN 978-0-87722-383-2


Building the American Highway System
Engineers As Policy Makers

Seely, Bruce E.

How the Bureau of Public Roads played a central role in the development of the national highway system

312 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-472-2
EAN 978-0-87722-472-3


Choosing Equality
The Case for Democratic Schooling

Bastian, Ann, Norm Fruchter, Marilyn Gittell, Kenneth Haskins, Colin Greer, and James P. Comer

A comprehensive critique of education and the current reforms covering instruction and the institution

New in Paperback!
222 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1986
paper 0-87722-454-4
EAN 978-0-87722-454-9


Controlling the Federal Bureaucracy
Riley, Dennis D.

A probing study examines the relationships between the federal bureaucracy and the elements of society it is intended to serve

216 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-455-2
EAN 978-0-87722-455-6


Democratic Liberalism and Social Union
Pinkard, Terry

Defends a community oriented conception of democratic liberalism based on Hegelian and contemporary German jurisprudential theory

240 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-458-7
EAN 978-0-87722-458-7
  Digging Our Own Graves
Coal Miners and the Struggle over Black Lung Disease
Smith, Barbara Ellen

How miners took up their own cause and forced others to acknowledge the truth about their work environment

240 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-451-X
EAN 978-0-87722-451-8
  Empire Without Tears
America's Foreign Relations, 1921-1933
Cohen, Warren I.

This highly accessible study presents a fresh interpretation of U.S. foreign policy during the "Republican era"

152 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-490-0
EAN 978-0-87722-490-7


Families and Work
Gerstel, Naomi, and Harriet Engel Gross, eds.

Analyzing the connections between work and family

576 pp • Spring 1987
paper 0-87722-469-2
EAN 978-0-87722-469-3
cloth 0-87722-467-6
EAN 978-0-87722-467-9
  A Good Look at Evil
Rosenthal, Abigail L.

A narrative view of good and evil

264 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-456-0
EAN 978-0-87722-456-3
  Identity and Community on the Alaskan Frontier
Cuba, Lee J.

The American frontier continues to live in the landscape of contemporary Alaska

224 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-457-9
EAN 978-0-87722-457-0
  The Legal Philosophy of H.L.A Hart
A Critical Appraisal
Martin, Michael

The most extensive critical evaluation of the legal philosophy of H.L.A Hart, one of the most significant legal philosophers in the English-speaking world

336 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-471-4
EAN 978-0-87722-471-6


Liberation Theology
Essential Facts About the Revolutionary Religious Movement in Latin America and Beyond

Berryman, Phillip

How does the church function in Latin America on an everyday, practical, and political level?

240 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-479-X
EAN 978-0-87722-479-2


Marx, Reason, and the Art of Freedom
Brien, Kevin M.

A systematic exploration of the problem of freedom in Marx

288 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-466-8
EAN 978-0-87722-466-2


The New Populism
The Politics of Empowerment

Boyte, Harry C., and Frank Riessman, eds.

Can populism revive a spirit of idealism and hope for democratic change?

New in Paperback!
336 pp • Fall 1986
paper 0-87722-449-8
EAN 978-0-87722-449-5


Normative Politics and the Community of Nations
Fain, Haskell

Proposes an alternative theory to contractarianism, one that does not assume that war is normal

272 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-476-5
EAN 978-0-87722-476-1
  On Sharing Fate
Care, Norman S.

How should "self-responsiblity" and "other-responsibility" be interpreted and arranged?

272 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-473-0
EAN 978-0-87722-473-0


Organizing the Movement
The Roots and Growth of ACORN

Delgado, Gary

The inner-workings of ACORN, the Association of Community Organization for Reform Now

256 pp • Fall 1985
paper 0-87722-492-7
EAN 978-0-87722-492-1
cloth 0-87722-393-9
EAN 978-0-87722-393-1


Policy and Politics in the United States
The Limits of Localism

Kelly, E. W.

Examines the government's methods and goals accounting for the emerging centrism of policy formation

416 pp • Spring 1987
paper 0-87722-268-1
EAN 978-0-87722-268-2
cloth 0-87722-267-3
EAN 978-0-87722-267-5


Policy and Politics in West Germany
The Growth of a Semisoverign State

Katzenstein, Peter J.

Examines in detail how West German policy and politics interrelate

464 pp • Spring 1987
paper 0-87722-264-9
EAN 978-0-87722-264-4
cloth 0-87722-263-0
EAN 978-0-87722-263-7


Policy-Planning Organizations
Elite Agendas and America's Rightward Turn

Peschek, Joseph G.

Explores neglected terrain in American politics

288 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-468-4
EAN 978-0-87722-468-6
  Public Housing, Race, and Renewal
Urban Planning in Philadelphia, 1920-1974
Bauman, John F.

How did the communitarian vision of economical, safe, and sanitary housing fall apart?

264 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-444-7
EAN 978-0-87722-444-0


Silver Cities
The Photography of American Urbanization, 1839-1915

Hales, Peter Beacon

Chronicling the change in city photography from 1839 to 1915

New in Paperback!
315 pp • Fall 1983
paper 0-87722-399-8
EAN 978-0-87722-399-3


Wash and Be Healed
The Water-Cure Movement and Women’s Health

Cayleff, Susan E.

An exploration of the relationship between hydrotherapy and the women who took the cure

257 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-462-5
EAN 978-0-87722-462-4


Women of the New Right
Klatch, Rebecca E.

The first coherent picture of who joins such movements as the New Right and how they think

264 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-470-6
EAN 978-0-87722-470-9


Women of the Upper Class
Ostrander, Susan A.

Although these women are economically and socially powerful, they are for the most part unliberated

New in Paperback!
Spring 1984
paper 0-87722-475-7
EAN 978-0-87722-475-4


The Women's Movements of the United States and Western Europe
Consciousness, Political Opportunity, and Public Policy

Katzenstein, Mary Fainsod, and Carol McClurg Mueller, eds.

Fills a gap in feminist scholarship by focusing on women’s movements and the different opportunities their political environments provide

366 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-463-3
EAN 978-0-87722-463-1


Worker Participation and the Politics of Reform
Sirianni, Carmen, ed.

The latest research on worker participation

384 pp • Spring 1987
cloth 0-87722-464-1
EAN 978-0-87722-464-8


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