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Aging and the Law

Aging and the Law
An Interdisciplinary Reader

Frolik, Lawrence A.

A compilation of leading articles on the myriad issues of "elder law"

690 pp • 7x10 • Fall 1998
paper 1-56639-653-0
EAN 978-1-56639-653-0
cloth 1-56639-652-2
EAN 978-1-56639-652-3


The Carnival Culture of Trinidad

Mason, Peter

How carnival expresses and celebrates Trinidadian culture

192 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1998
paper 1-56639-663-8
EAN 978-1-56639-663-9
cloth 1-56639-662-X
EAN 978-1-56639-662-2

Before Their Time

Before Their Time
Adult Children's Experiences of Parental Suicide

Stimming, Mary, and Maureen Stimming

Honest first-person accounts by daughters and sons of the impact of parental suicide on them and their families

240 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1998
paper 1-56639-655-7
EAN 978-1-56639-655-4
cloth 1-56639-654-9
EAN 978-1-56639-654-7

Catskill Culture

Catskill Culture
A Mountain Rat's Memories of the Great Jewish Resort Area

Brown, Phil

A search for one's roots in the resort hotels of the Jewish Catskills

304 pp • 7x10 • Fall 1998
cloth 1-56639-642-5
EAN 978-1-56639-642-4


Fishing the Delaware Valley
Ingram Jr., George H., Robert F. Marler Jr., Robert R. Smith, and Joe Humphreys

Fishing tales from the Delaware Valley

New in Paperback!
256 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1997
paper 1-56639-665-4
EAN 978-1-56639-665-3

The Global Emergence of Gay and Lesbian Politics

The Global Emergence of Gay and Lesbian Politics
National Imprints of a Worldwide Movement

Adam, Barry D, Jan Willem Duyvendak, and Andre Krouwel

Rich accounts of gay and lesbian groups on five continents

448 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1998
paper 1-56639-645-X
EAN 978-1-56639-645-5
cloth 1-56639-644-1
EAN 978-1-56639-644-8

How Did You Get to Be Mexican?

How Did You Get to Be Mexican?
A White/Brown Man's Search for Identity

Johnson, Kevin R.

A readable account of a life spent in the borderlands between racial identity

264 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1998
cloth 1-56639-650-6
EAN 978-1-56639-650-9

Images of Animals

Images of Animals
Anthropomorphism and Animal Mind

Crist, Eileen

A fascinating exploration of the language we use for animal behavior

256 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1998
cloth 1-56639-656-5
EAN 978-1-56639-656-1

Jim Bunning

Jim Bunning
Baseball and Beyond

Dolson, Frank

A biography of the Hall of Famer who pitched no-hitters against the sluggers of both leagues, took on sportswriters and baseball leaders, and started a second career as a politician

320 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1998
cloth 1-56639-636-0
EAN 978-1-56639-636-3

Koppett's Concise History of Major League Baseball

Koppett's Concise History of Major League Baseball
Koppett, Leonard

The one book to own to understand the changes in baseball-the-game and baseball-the-business

521 pp • 7x10 • Fall 1998
cloth 1-56639-638-7
EAN 978-1-56639-638-7

Men Who Sell Sex

Men Who Sell Sex
International Perspectives on Male Prostitution and AIDS

Aggleton, Peter

An authoritative collection of vivid ethnographies and policy recommendations from both industrialized and developing countries

296 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1998
paper 1-56639-669-7
EAN 978-1-56639-669-1
cloth 1-56639-668-9
EAN 978-1-56639-668-4


Shifting Japanese American Identities and Politics

Takahashi, Jere

A fresh look at the many and diverse political strategies that forged a Japanese American identity

New in Paperback!
280 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1997
paper 1-56639-659-X
EAN 978-1-56639-659-2


Asian Americans in Popular Culture

Lee, Robert G.

A compelling study of how the label "oriental" came into being

288 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1998
cloth 1-56639-658-1
EAN 978-1-56639-658-5

Pacifica Radio

Pacifica Radio
The Rise of an Alternative Network

Lasar, Matthew

A profile of America's first listener-supported alternative radio station

320 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1998
cloth 1-56639-660-3
EAN 978-1-56639-660-8

Paradise, New York

Paradise, New York
A Novel

Pollack, Eileen

A funny and moving first novel of nostalgia for Catskills hotel life

288 pp • 5x9 • Fall 1998
cloth 1-56639-657-3
EAN 978-1-56639-657-8

Q & A

Q & A
Queer in Asian America

Eng, David L., and Alice Y. Hom

A spirited collection of essays, personal testimonies, fiction, and art on what it means to be queer in Asian-America now

445 pp • 7x10 • Fall 1998
paper 1-56639-640-9
EAN 978-1-56639-640-0
cloth 1-56639-639-5
EAN 978-1-56639-639-4

The Red Atlantis

The Red Atlantis
Communist Culture in the Absence of Communism

Hoberman, J.

A delightful and witty examination of Communism as an art form

326 pp • 5x9 • Fall 1998
cloth 1-56639-643-3
EAN 978-1-56639-643-1


New American Feminist Photographies

Neumaier, Diane, and Anne Wilkes Tucker

A remarkable collection of feminist art-works and critical essays exposes the diverse cultural representations of women

New in Paperback!
336 pp • 8.5x10 • Fall 1995
paper 1-56639-332-9
EAN 978-1-56639-332-4

Sound Tracks

Sound Tracks
A Musical ABC, Volumes 1-3

Jarrett, Michael

A witty and astute reference book on popular music

304 pp • 5.5x9 • Fall 1998
cloth 1-56639-641-7
EAN 978-1-56639-641-7

Sparks from the Anvil of Oppression

Sparks from the Anvil of Oppression
Philadelphia's African Methodists and Southern Migrants, 1890-1940

Gregg, Robert

How the African Methodist Churches in Philadelphia coped with the Great Migration

New in Paperback!
272 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1993
paper 1-56639-664-6
EAN 978-1-56639-664-6

Taking Time

Taking Time
Parental Leave Policy and Corporate Culture

Fried, Mindy

How flexible is the American workplace in supporting the family needs of employees, when it involves the temporary loss of their labor?

256 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1998
paper 1-56639-647-6
EAN 978-1-56639-647-9
cloth 1-56639-646-8
EAN 978-1-56639-646-2

Thinking about the Baby

Thinking about the Baby
Gender and Transitions into Parenthood

Walzer, Susan

Interviews with new parents about the gendered roles of mother and father

224 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1998
paper 1-56639-631-X
EAN 978-1-56639-631-8
cloth 1-56639-630-1
EAN 978-1-56639-630-1

The Two-in-One

The Two-in-One
Walking with Smokie, Walking with Blindness

Michalko, Rod

The author acquires a guide dog and a new identity

256 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1998
paper 1-56639-649-2
EAN 978-1-56639-649-3
cloth 1-56639-648-4
EAN 978-1-56639-648-6

Voice Over

Voice Over
The Making of Black Radio

Barlow, William

The whole story of the making of Black radio

334 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1998
paper 1-56639-667-0
EAN 978-1-56639-667-7
cloth 1-56639-666-2
EAN 978-1-56639-666-0


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