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Abortion Rights as Religious Freedom
Wenz, Peter S.

Wenz argues that the Supreme Court reached the right decision in Roe v. Wade but for the wrong reasons

344 pp • Fall 1991
paper 0-87722-858-2
EAN 978-0-87722-858-5
cloth 0-87722-857-4
EAN 978-0-87722-857-8


Antifoundationalism Old and New
Rockmore, Tom, and Beth J. Singer, eds.

Essays that follow and expound on the foundationalism/antifoundationalism debate throughout the history of philosophy

253 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-881-7
EAN 978-0-87722-881-3


The Baltimore Book
New Views of Local History

Fee, Elizabeth, Linda Shopes, and Linda Zeidman, eds.

A tour guide to places in the city that are important to labor, African Americans, and women's history

256 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-817-5
EAN 978-0-87722-817-2
Citizen Lawmakers
The Ballot Initiative Revolution

Schmidt, David D.

The stories of the individual activists and political groups that revitalized this use of Initiative and Referendum

New in Paperback!
352 pp • Spring 1989
paper 0-87722-903-1
EAN 978-0-87722-903-2


Cocaine Changes
The Experience of Using and Quitting

Waldorf, Dan, Craig Reinarman, and Sheigla Murphy

Over 200 in-depth interviews with heavy users document the dangers of cocaine, but the authors contend that the national hysteria over it is largely unfounded

336 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-863-9
EAN 978-0-87722-863-9


Confronting the Margaret Mead Legacy
Scholarship, Empire, and the South Pacific

Foerstel, Lenora, and Angela Gilliam, eds.

A multicultural outlook scrutinizing Mead's impact on Western anthropology

309 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-886-8
EAN 978-0-87722-886-8


Cultural Connections
Museums and Libraries of the Delaware Valley

Vogel, Morris J.

A guide to the rich cultural institutions of the Philadelphia area

256 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-840-X
EAN 978-0-87722-840-0


Dishing It Out
Power and Resistance Among Waitresses in a New Jersey Restaurant

Paules, Greta Foff

Challenges the uncritical equation of advancement with success

225 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1991
paper 0-87722-888-4
EAN 978-0-87722-888-2
cloth 0-87722-887-6
EAN 978-0-87722-887-5


Disorders of Desire
Sex and Gender in Modern American Sexology

Irvine, Janice M.

The first book to examine the development and impact of sexology in the United States

New in Paperback!
272 pp • Spring 1990
paper 0-87722-898-1
EAN 978-0-87722-898-1


Domesticity and Dirt
Housewives and Domestic Servants in the United States, 1920-1945

Palmer, Phyllis

Examining the cultual norms of women after Suffrage to define labor based on color

New in Paperback!
248 pp • Fall 1989
paper 0-87722-901-5
EAN 978-0-87722-901-8


Down the Backstretch
Racing and the American Dream

Case, Carole

The culture of horseracing from behind the scenes

224 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-846-9
EAN 978-0-87722-846-2


Elements of Ethics
Moore, G. E., and Tom Regan, eds.

Ten previously unpublished lectures showing Moore's position regarding ethics in relation to conduct in earlier work differs from the one presented in Principia

272 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-770-5
EAN 978-0-87722-770-0


Engineering Culture
Control and Commitment in a High-Tech Corporation

Kunda, Gideon

An analysis of corporate culture from the inside

288 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1991
paper 1-56639-075-3
EAN 978-1-56639-075-0
cloth 0-87722-845-0
EAN 978-0-87722-845-5


Explorations on the Edge of Time
The Prospects for World Order

Falk, Richard

Envisioning the future through grassroots globalism

256 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-860-4
EAN 978-0-87722-860-8


Faith, Reason, and Skepticism
Hester, Marcus, ed.

Original essays provide a dialogue between four of the most distinguished scholars now working on problems of faith, reason, and skepticism

192 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-853-1
EAN 978-0-87722-853-0


The Forms of Power
From Domination to Transformation

Wartenberg, Thomas E.

A field theory of power that rejects many of the reigning assumptions made about power

New in Paperback!
320 pp • Fall 1989
paper 0-87722-905-8
EAN 978-0-87722-905-6


Going Down to the Barrio
Homeboys and Homegirls in Change

Moore, Joan

An examination of the changes and continuities among three generations of barrio gangs

200 pp • Fall 1991
paper 0-87722-855-8
EAN 978-0-87722-855-4
cloth 0-87722-854-X
EAN 978-0-87722-854-7


Identity Politics
Lesbian Feminism and the Limits of Community

Phelan, Shane

Tracing the uneasy relationship of lesbian-feminism with the Women's Movement and gay rights groups

New in Paperback!
256 pp • Fall 1989
paper 0-87722-902-3
EAN 978-0-87722-902-5


Interpreting Wittgenstein
A Cloud of Philosophy, a Drop of Grammar

Suter, Ronald

A highly accessible account of the thought of Wittgenstein

New in Paperback!
320 pp • Fall 1989
paper 0-87722-904-X
EAN 978-0-87722-904-9


Inventing Vietnam
The War in Film and Television

Anderegg, Michael, ed.

Testimony of the unique relationship between the U.S.-Vietnam War and the images and sounds that have been employed to represent it

295 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1991
paper 0-87722-862-0
EAN 978-0-87722-862-2
cloth 0-87722-861-2
EAN 978-0-87722-861-5


Lukacs and the Marxist View of Reason

Rockmore, Tom

First English edition of a strictly philosophical discussion of Georg Lukács's Marxist phase

288 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-867-1
EAN 978-0-87722-867-7


Job Queues, Gender Queues
Explaining Women's Inroads into Male Occupations

Reskin, Barbara F., and Patricia A. Roos

A controversial interpretation of women's dramatic inroads into several male occupations

New in Paperback!
388 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1990
paper 0-87722-744-6
EAN 978-0-87722-744-1


Justice, Law, and Violence
Brady, James B., and Newton Garver, eds.

Philosophers examine the role of violence in modem society, particularly its relation to justice

368 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-843-4
EAN 978-0-87722-843-1


Life After Death
Widows in Pennsylvania, 1750-1850

Wilson, Lisa

The experiences of widows in a society that imposed an ideology of proper female behavior

192 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-883-3
EAN 978-0-87722-883-7


The Male Nude in Contemporary Photography
Davis, Melody D.

A unique study of the interrelation between social perceptions of the male nude and the medium of photography

208 pp • 7x10 • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-839-6
EAN 978-0-87722-839-4


Moral Responsibility and Persons
Schlossberger, Eugene

Argues that we are responsible not so much for what we do as for who we are

244 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-879-5
EAN 978-0-87722-879-0


No Longer Patient
Feminist Ethics and Health Care

Sherwin, Susan

The first comprehensive handling of feminist bioethics

280 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-889-2
EAN 978-0-87722-889-9


The Passage of Nature
Emmet, Dorothy

The idea of "process" as a key concept in describing what goes on in the world

208 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-896-5
EAN 978-0-87722-896-7


Neighborhoods, Division, and Conflict in a Post-Industrial City

Adams, Carolyn, David Bartelt, David Elesh, Ira Goldstein, Nancy Kleniewski, and William Yancey

The city's history told on its own terms

224 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1991
paper 1-56639-078-8
EAN 978-1-56639-078-1
cloth 0-87722-842-6
EAN 978-0-87722-842-4


Policing as Though People Matter
Guyot, Dorothy

What makes a good police department?

New in Paperback!
448 pp • Fall 1990
paper 0-87722-766-7
EAN 978-0-87722-766-3


Policy and Politics in Canada
Institutionalized Ambivalence

Tuohy, Carolyn J.

A comparative perspective on the distinctive feature of the Canadian policy process enabling conflict resolution

352 pp • Fall 1991
paper 0-87722-871-X
EAN 978-0-87722-871-4
cloth 0-87722-870-1
EAN 978-0-87722-870-7


The Poverty of American Politics
A Theoretical Interpretation

Roelofs, H. Mark

This classic analysis challenges America's complacency about its political system

368 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1991
paper 0-87722-878-7
EAN 978-0-87722-878-3
cloth 0-87722-877-9
EAN 978-0-87722-877-6


The Reconquest of Montreal
Language Policy and Social Change in a Bilingual City

Levine, Marc V.

An examination of the nature of the linguistic transformation of Montreal and the role of public policy in promoting it

New in Paperback!
320 pp • Spring 1990
paper 0-87722-899-X
EAN 978-0-87722-899-8


Religion and Economic Justice
Zweig, Michael, ed.

Original essays by distinguished contributors from economics, religious ethics, and biblical studies

272 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-847-7
EAN 978-0-87722-847-9


The Religious Challenge to the State
Moen, Matthew C., and Lowell S. Gustafson, eds.

Essays that examine how Islam, Christianity, and Judaism interact with 20th-century state systems

320 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-856-6
EAN 978-0-87722-856-1


The Roots of Thinking
Sheets-Johnstone, Maxine

A ground-breaking interdisciplinary study about conceptual origins linking hominid thinking with hominid evolution

New in Paperback!
408 pp • Fall 1990
paper 0-87722-769-1
EAN 978-0-87722-769-4


Schooling Without Labels
Parents, Educators, and Inclusive Education

Biklen, Douglas

How people who have been labeled "disabled" might become full participants in different areas of society

210 pp • Fall 1991
paper 0-87722-876-0
EAN 978-0-87722-876-9
cloth 0-87722-875-2
EAN 978-0-87722-875-2
  Scott Nearing
An Intellectual Biography
Saltmarsh, John A.

Vividly portrays the contours of Nearing's cultural criticism 210 pp • Fall 1991

cloth 0-87722-844-2
EAN 978-0-87722-844-8


Social Inequality in Oaxaca
A History of Resistance and Change

Murphy, Arthur D., Alex Stepick, and Henry A. Selby

Two millennia of social inequality

300 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-868-X
EAN 978-0-87722-868-4


Solidarity and the Politics of Anti-Politics
Opposition and Reform in Poland since 1968

Ost, David

An analysis of Solidarity from it origins in the Polish "new left" to the union's resurgence in 1988-89

New in Paperback!
272 pp • Fall 1989
paper 0-87722-900-7
EAN 978-0-87722-900-1


Studies in Philosophy for Children
Harry Stottlemeier's Discovery

Sharp, Ann Margaret, and Ronald Reed, eds.

A collection of essays that reflects upon the development, refinement, and maturation of Philosophy for Children

268 pp • Fall 1991
paper 0-87722-873-6
EAN 978-0-87722-873-8
cloth 0-87722-872-8
EAN 978-0-87722-872-1
  Swing City
Newark Nightlife, 1925-50
Kukla, Barbara J.

The undocumented entertainment mecca of Newark, NJ during the Jazz Age and Swing Era

288 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-874-4
EAN 978-0-87722-874-5


Toxic Work
Women Workers at GTE Lenkurt

Fox, Steve

A compelling exposé of six years of legal and medical investigation into the lives of workers at GTE

192 pp • Fall 1991
paper 0-87722-895-7
EAN 978-0-87722-895-0
cloth 0-87722-816-7
EAN 978-0-87722-816-5


The Transformation of American Catholic Sisters
Quiñonez, Lora Ann, and Mary Daniel Turner

A report on the social, political, and spiritual changes for Catholic nuns in the U.S. since Vatican II

224 pp • Fall 1991
paper 1-56639-074-5
EAN 978-1-56639-074-3
cloth 0-87722-865-5
EAN 978-0-87722-865-3


Transforming Knowledge
Minnich, Elizabeth Kamarck

Examining the heritage and errors of a scholastic tradition that considered the Euro-American male the norm and ideal for humankind

New in Paperback!
210 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1990
paper 0-87722-880-9
EAN 978-0-87722-880-6


Two Paths Toward Peace
Child, James W., and Donald Scherer

An advocate of minimum justified violence and a pacifist engage in a dialogue about the uses and abuses of violence

271 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-882-5
EAN 978-0-87722-882-0


The Urgings of Conscience
A Theory of Punishment

Adler, Jacob

To what extent does a guilty person have a duty to submit to punishment?

316 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-826-4
EAN 978-0-87722-826-4


Vulgar Modernism
Writing on Movies and Other Media

Hoberman, J.

A witty collection of film criticism, including movie reviews, longer essays, and film-festival reports of the '80s

300 pp • Fall 1991
paper 0-87722-866-3
EAN 978-0-87722-866-0
cloth 0-87722-864-7
EAN 978-0-87722-864-6


Wash and Be Healed
The Water-Cure Movement and Women’s Health

Cayleff, Susan E.

An exploration of the relationship between hydrotherapy and the women who took the cure

New in Paperback!
257 pp • Spring 1987
paper 0-87722-859-0
EAN 978-0-87722-859-2


We Make the Road by Walking
Conversations on Education and Social Change

Horton, Myles, Paulo Freire, Brenda Bell, John Gaventa, and John Peters

Two pioneers of education discuss their diverse experiences and ideas.

New in Paperback!
296 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1990
paper 0-87722-775-6
EAN 978-0-87722-775-5


Women and Gender
A Feminist Psychology

Unger, Rhoda, and Mary Crawford

A comprehensive survey of the psychology of women establishes the importance of having a separate field of inquiry for female psychology

549 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-897-3
EAN 978-0-87722-897-4


Women Between Two Worlds
Midlife Reflections on Work and Family

Dinnerstein, Myra

An in-depth study traces the experiences of 22 middle-class women and their evolution from traditional wives and mothers to career women

210 pp • Fall 1992
paper 0-87722-885-X
EAN 978-0-87722-885-1
cloth 0-87722-884-1
EAN 978-0-87722-884-4


The World of Kate Roberts
Selected Stories, 1925-1981

Clancy, Joseph P.

The life and fiction of a modern Welsh writer

400 pp • Fall 1991
paper 0-87722-795-0
EAN 978-0-87722-795-3
cloth 0-87722-794-2
EAN 978-0-87722-794-6


You Are My Darling Zita
Busch, Glenn

Six people, all born around 1900, reflect on the changes in their lives as old age comes upon them

304 pp • Fall 1991
cloth 0-87722-791-8
EAN 978-0-87722-791-5


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