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American Communism and Black Americans
A Documentary History, 1930-1934, Volume 2

Foner, Philip S., and Herbert Shapiro, eds.

Examines the final text of the "Resolution on the Negro Question"

416 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-761-6
EAN 978-0-87722-761-8


Beyond the City Limits
Urban Policy and Economics Restructuring in Comparative Perspective

Logan, John R., and Todd Swanstrom

Challenging the notion that there is a single, global process of economic restructuring to which cities must submit

288 pp • Fall 1990
paper 0-87722-944-9
EAN 978-0-87722-944-5
cloth 0-87722-733-0
EAN 978-0-87722-733-5


Catalog of the Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection of the Temple Univesity Libraries
Wesley, Dorothy Porter, and Charles L. Blockson

The largest collection of items relating to the African Diaspora experience collected at Temple University

820 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-749-7
EAN 978-0-87722-749-6


Catholic Social Teaching and Economic Theory
Paradigms in Conflict

Hobgood, Mary E., and Larry L. Rasmussen

Analyzes the official Catholic School Teaching from the perspective of the secular, economic, and political sciences

256 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-754-3
EAN 978-0-87722-754-0


Customizing the Body
The Art and Culture of Tattooing
Sanders, Clinton R.

Describes the seven-year involvement of a sociologist in the world of tattoo culture

New in Paperback!
240 pp • 5.5x8.2 • Fall 1988
paper 0-87722-764-0
EAN 978-0-87722-764-9


Descent into Discourse
The Reification of Language and the Writing of Social History

Palmer, Bryan D.

Arguing that the current reliance on poststructuralism obscures the origins, meanings, and consequences of historical events and processes

New in Paperback!
312 pp • Spring 1990
paper 0-87722-720-9
EAN 978-0-87722-720-5


Race and Uneven Development

Darden, Joe T., Richard Child Hill, June Thomas, and Richard Thomas

Examining the genesis of modern Detroit as a hub of wealth and poverty

New in Paperback!
336 pp • Fall 1987
paper 0-87722-776-4
EAN 978-0-87722-776-2


Diet and Domestic Life in Society
Sharman, Anne, Janet Theophano, Karen Curtis, and Ellen Messer, eds.

A collection of case studies reports on dietary practices in a variety of cultures

288 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-751-9
EAN 978-0-87722-751-9


Do Not Neglect Hospitality
The Catholic Worker and the Homeless

Murray, Harry

Traces the notion of hospitality in various societies throughout history, in myth, and in Christian tradition

304 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-726-8
EAN 978-0-87722-726-7


Environmental Accidents
Personal Injury and Public Responsibiltiy

Gaskins, Richard H.

Indicts the U.S. legal system for perpetuating the belief that accidents are only legal disputes between individuals

New in Paperback!
440 pp • Spring 1989
paper 0-87722-708-X
EAN 978-0-87722-708-3


Facing The Death Penalty
Essays on a Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Radelet, Michael L., and Henry Schwarzschild, eds.

An in-depth examination of what life under a sentence of death is like

New in Paperback!
264 pp • Spring 1989
paper 0-87722-721-7
EAN 978-0-87722-721-2


Fred Allen's Radio Comedy
Havig, Alan

Tracing a career that lasted from 1912 into the 1950s, Havig describes the "verbal slapstick" style that was Fred Allen's hallmark and legacy to American comedy

296 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-713-6
EAN 978-0-87722-713-7


Free Women
Ethics and Aesthetics in Twentieth-Century Women's Fiction

Fullbrook, Kate

The ethical and aesthetic impulses that have shaped the fiction of prominent authors

192 pp • Fall 1990
paper 0-87722-774-8
EAN 978-0-87722-774-8
cloth 0-87722-773-X
EAN 978-0-87722-773-1


Freedom Without Responsibility
Waller, Bruce N.

A fresh perspective on the controversial set of questions surrounding determinism, naturalism, freedom, and responsibility

256 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-717-9
EAN 978-0-87722-717-5


From Warism to Pacifism
A Moral Continuum

Cady, Duane L.

Exposes the pervasive, subconscious warism that is the dominant ideology in modern Western culture

New in Paperback!
174 pp • Spring 1989
paper 0-87722-779-9
EAN 978-0-87722-779-3


Girls Only?
Gender and Popular Children’s Fiction in Britain, 1880-1910

Reynolds, Kimberly

Explores the relationship between notions of gender difference and social practice

208 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-737-3
EAN 978-0-87722-737-3
How Holocausts Happen
The United States in Central America

Porpora, Douglas V.

A powerful indictment of U.S. intervention in Central America

232 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-750-0
EAN 978-0-87722-750-2


Human Rights in a Changing World
Cassese, Antonio

Examines the nature and role of human rights in the context of international relations in the modern world

200 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-746-2
EAN 978-0-87722-746-5


Impure Thoughts
Essays on Philosophy, Feminism, and Ethics

Addelson, Kathryn Pyne

Insightful explorations of moral limits to human interactions

257 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-753-5
EAN 978-0-87722-753-3


Jews Against Zionism
The American Council for Judaism, 1942-1948

Kolsky, Thomas A.

The first full-scale history of the only organized American Jewish opposition to Zionism during the 1940s

288 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1990
paper 1-56639-009-5
EAN 978-1-56639-009-5
cloth 0-87722-694-6
EAN 978-0-87722-694-9


Job Queues, Gender Queues
Explaining Women’s Inroads into Male Occupations

Reskin, Barbara F., and Patricia A. Roos

A controversial interpretation of women's dramatic inroads into several male occupations

388 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1990
paper 0-87722-744-6
EAN 978-0-87722-744-1
cloth 0-87722-743-8
EAN 978-0-87722-743-4


Job Training For Women
The Promise and Limits of Public Policies

Harlan, Sharon L., and Ronnie J. Steinberg, eds.

A comprehensive review of the public system of occupational education and job training for women in the U.S.

New in Paperback!
572 pp • Spring 1989
paper 0-87722-762-4
EAN 978-0-87722-762-5


Journey to a Far Place
Autobiographical Reflections

Quinney, Richard

Charts a quest for intellectual and personal meaning

152 pp • 8x10 • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-725-X
EAN 978-0-87722-725-0


Labor at the Ballot Box
The Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Campaign of 1988

Erlich, Mark

Intriguing case study of the roadblocks for unions in building political consensus

232 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-727-6
EAN 978-0-87722-727-4


Liberation Struggles in International Law
Quaye, Christopher O.

An investigation of self-determination, secession, rebellion, the use of force, and terrorism in national liberation movements

358 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-712-8
EAN 978-0-87722-712-0


Living Morally
A Psychology of Moral Character

Thomas, Laurence

What constitutes a moral life? How does one acquire and maintain a good moral character?

New in Paperback!
278 pp • Spring 1998
paper 0-87722-778-0
EAN 978-0-87722-778-6


The Manhattan Project
A Documentary Introduction to the Atomic Age

Stoff, Michael B., ed.

A history of the development of the atomic bomb and its use in World War II

320 pp • Fall 1990
paper 0-87722-787-X
EAN 978-0-87722-787-8
cloth 0-87722-878-7
EAN 978-0-87722-878-3


Mary Heaton Vorse
The Life of an American Insurgent

Garrison, Dee

A chronology of American radicalism through the life of the foremost pioneer of labor journalism in the U.S.

New in Paperback!
400 pp • Spring 1989
paper 0-87722-781-0
EAN 978-0-87722-781-6


A Moral Military
Axinn, Sydney

A book on the scope and limits of moral military activity

New in Paperback!
230 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1989
paper 0-87722-780-2
EAN 978-0-87722-780-9


Morality and Human Nature
A New Route to Ethical Theory

McShea, Robert J.

A controversial inquiry into the origins of human values

240 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-735-7
EAN 978-0-87722-735-9


Morality, Responsibility, and the University
Studies in Academic Ethics

Cahn, Steven M, ed.

Critically investigating crucial moral issues generated by academic life

288 pp • Fall 1990
paper 0-87722-959-7
EAN 978-0-87722-959-9
cloth 0-87722-646-6
EAN 978-0-87722-646-8


Morte d'Author
An Autopsy

Hix, H. L.

A fundamental error of the "death of the author" debate brought to light

224 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-734-9
EAN 978-0-87722-734-2


The Music of Our Lives
Higgins, Kathleen Marie

Music as "a means of exploring the wealth of our ethical world"

288 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-756-X
EAN 978-0-87722-756-4


Negotiated Care
The Experience of Family Day Care Providers

Nelson, Margaret K.

Explores the daily lives of family day care providers

400 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-728-4
EAN 978-0-87722-728-1


The New American History
Foner, Eric

Leading historians define key trends in the field of history and reflect on how the experience of previously neglected groups has fundamentally redefined U.S. history

400 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1990
paper 0-87722-699-7
EAN 978-0-87722-699-4
cloth 0-87722-698-9
EAN 978-0-87722-698-7


New Homeless and Old
Community and the Skid Row Hotel

Hoch, Charles, and Robert A. Slayton

The answers to one of the most pressing problems of our time come from the poor themselves

New in Paperback!
312 pp • Spring 1989
paper 0-87722-765-9
EAN 978-0-87722-765-6


New Soviet Thinking and U.S. Nuclear Policy
Myers, David B.

An examination of nuclear weapons policy options in light of recently declared changes in Soviet military strategy

304 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-710-1
EAN 978-0-87722-710-6


Parental Leave and Child Care
Setting a Research and Policy Agenda

Hyde, Janet Shibley, and Marilyn J. Essex, eds.

An essential resource for those currently considering laws to establish parental leave and legislation on child care provision

448 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-732-2
EAN 978-0-87722-732-8


Policing as Though People Matter
Guyot, Dorothy

What makes a good police department?

448 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-755-1
EAN 978-0-87722-755-7


Property and the Politics of Entitlement
Brigham, John

A case for constitutional protection of entitlements as property

240 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-715-2
EAN 978-0-87722-715-1


Radical Sociologists and the Movement
Experiences, Lessons, and Legacies

Oppenheimer, Martin, Martin J. Murray, and Rhonda F. Levine, eds.

Autobiographical essays by individuals whose radicalism developed in and around the discipline of sociology

256 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-745-4
EAN 978-0-87722-745-8


Resisting Images
Essays on Cinema and History

Sklar, Robert, and Charles Musser, eds.

Essays that raise questions about film history, historiography, and cultural theory

320 pp • Fall 1990
paper 0-87722-738-1
EAN 978-0-87722-738-0
cloth 0-87722-731-4
EAN 978-0-87722-731-1


Rethinking College Athletics
Andre, Judith, and David N. James, eds.

Why do colleges have intercollegiate athletics? Why should colleges keep them? An examination of the values that are intrinsic to sport

257 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-716-0
EAN 978-0-87722-716-8


Evil for Evil in Ethics, Law, and Literature

Henberg, Marvin

Argues that the persistence of retribution is best understood from a perspective of evolutionary naturalism

288 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-724-1
EAN 978-0-87722-724-3


The Roots of Thinking
Sheets-Johnstone, Maxine

A ground-breaking interdisciplinary study about conceptual origins linking hominid thinking with hominid evolution

408 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-711-X
EAN 978-0-87722-711-3


Running for Freedom
Civil Rights and Black Politics in White America, 1941-1988

Lawson, Steven F.

A history of the black civil rights movement in the United States

320 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-792-6
EAN 978-0-87722-792-2


The Human Character

Atwell, John E.

An insightful analysis of Schopenhauer's "will-body identity thesis" that leads to the conclusion that the "vocation of man" is to go beyond man, and thus beyond the body and the very world to which the body belongs

259 pp • 5x8 • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-748-9
EAN 978-0-87722-748-9


The Thee Generation
Reflections on the Coming Revolution

Regan, Tom

Arguing that the expansive ethic of service is replacing the suffocating ethic of greed

176 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-758-6
EAN 978-0-87722-758-8


Time and Experience
McInerney, Peter K.

An analysis of the philosophy of time

224 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-752-7
EAN 978-0-87722-752-6


Time and Social Theory
Adam, Barbara

Exposing classical frameworks of thought as inadequate to the task of conceptualizing our contemporary world

250 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-788-8
EAN 978-0-87722-788-5


Issues in Environmental Ethics

Scherer, Donald, ed.

Philosophy applied to environmental issues

288 pp • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-747-0
EAN 978-0-87722-747-2


Washington, D.C.
Inner-City Revitalization and Minority Suburbanization

Gale, Dennis E.

Using public education as a gauge to measure racial and ethnic change in urban areas

New in Paperback!
259 pp • Fall 1987
paper 0-87722-777-2
EAN 978-0-87722-777-9


We Make the Road by Walking
Conversations on Education and Social Change

Horton, Myles, Paulo Freire, Brenda Bell, John Gaventa, and John Peters

Two pioneers of education discuss their diverse experiences and ideas

296 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1990
cloth 0-87722-771-3
EAN 978-0-87722-771-7


Women and Stepfamilies
Voices of Anger and Love

Maglin, Nan Bauer, and Nancy Schniedewind, eds.

Describes the unique and varied experiences of women in stepfamilies as told by the women themselves

New in Paperback!
448 pp • Fall 1988
paper 0-87722-782-9
EAN 978-0-87722-782-3


Women, Islam and the State
Kandiyoti, Deniz, ed.

Examines the relationship between Islam, the nature of state projects, and the position of women in the modern nation states of the Middle East and South Asia

256 pp • Fall 1990
paper 0-87722-786-1
EAN 978-0-87722-786-1
cloth 0-87722-785-3
EAN 978-0-87722-785-4


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