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Last Updated August 20, 2014

Pimping Fictions was reviewed in the April 2014 issue of the Journal of Popular Culture. The review read, "Drawing on an expansive archive of pulp paperbacks, prison novels, autobiographies and interviews, this timely study positions black crime fiction within a rich literary and cultural history of black pulp publishing over the past 50 years.... Gifford offers a compelling argument for the significance of black crime fiction as a literary and political response to white-sponsored methods of containment fostered by urban renewal policies, federal housing authorities and mass incarceration, whilst at the same time highlighting the deeply contested position of black pulp writers within the literary marketplace."

The Archival Turn in Feminism, by Kate Eichhorn, was reviewed in Afterimage, Vol. 42, No. 2. The review read, "Eichhorn's theoretical evaluation of how institutional archives can operate as radical networks is essential reading for anyone who engages with the historical past as a mode to stage interventions in the present.... [She] very convincingly demonstrates how these institutional archives create sites of resistance and potentially stimulate activism.... Eichhorn's major contribution is recognizing that the radical tactics of these archivists and librarians is as important as preserving Riot Grrrl collections, and makes evident their crucial role in bringing these provocative feminist narratives to light."

Rebuilding the News, by C.W. Anderson, was reviewed in Digital Journalism, Vol. 2, Issue 2, 2014. The review read, "Anderson's study will be a touchstone.... [The] themes [he addresses] will occupy the attention of news scholars for some time. Anderson has artfully and perceptively raised them for scrutiny. In so doing, he has built a useful foundation for what will undoubtedly be a growing body of work in this area.... This book is an excellent and ground-breaking contribution to the tradition of news ethnography."

Last Updated August 13, 2014

The August 3 issue of Lambda Literary reviewed Out in the Union by Miriam Frank. The review read, "[R]arely has a book specifically addressed LGBTIQ workers and their involvement with unions.... [Frank's] drumroll fire of facts and anecdotes, evidence of the struggles and victories of workers...will make anyone interested in LGBT history want to read on. Frank carefully details how queer entities in local unions introduced drives for equity issues, domestic partner benefits, AIDS education programs, and campaigns for marriage equality."

The Winter 2014 issue of the Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences reviewed Evelyn Ibatan Rodriguez's Celebrating Debutantes and Quinceañeras. The review read, "Rodriguez makes a strong case for the quince as a source of building, maintaining, and activating key social networks.... Those with little personal experience in cultural rites of passage may underestimate the power and status associated with such rituals. This book offers a chance to re-examine their value, and it gives real-life insight.... This book is an invitation to learn about these special cultural customs."

Asian American Women's Popular Literature by Pamela Thoma, was reviewed in the Fall 2014 issue of Washington State Magazine [WSU alumni magazine]. The review read, "[T]he significance of women's popular fiction continues to be overlooked, if not derided outright, by many social and cultural critics. Fortunately, feminist scholars have sought to rectify this state of affairs, and Asian American Women's Popular Literature by WSU associate professor Pamela Thoma is a lucid, convincing, and original contribution to the field."

Last Updated August 6, 2014

The August 2014 issue of Library Journal reviewed Environmental Activism and the Urban Crisis by Robert Gioielli. The review read, "Gioielli effectively demonstrates the interconnectedness between urban environmental activism and social, cultural, and economic issues (racism, joblessness, civil rights, etc.) by focusing on protests against lead-paint poisoning in St. Louis, highway-building in Baltimore, and air pollution in Chicago. Through these activities, the author documents the evolution of urban environmental activism, organizations, and policies that led to the distinct environmental justice movement of the 1980s and 1990s. VERDICT Of great interest to both academic and general readers concerned with equitable and inclusive environmental activism and policies, urban studies, civil rights, local politics, and community organizing."

The August 2014 issue of Choice reviewed two Temple University Press books:
• The review of Yasemin Besen-Cassino's Consuming Work read, "Sociologist Besen-Cassino draws on qualitative interviews, rich ethnographic observations of an upscale coffee shop, and quantitative data from American and international surveys to make a provocative, largely convincing argument.... [Her] emphasis on the subjective experiences of young workers and her analysis of these experiences adds significantly to the field. Summing Up: Highly recommended."
• The review of Philadelphia Mural Arts @ 30, edited by Jane Golden and David Updike, read, "This book celebrates the 30-year milestone [of Philadelphia Mural Arts] and also shares the lessons learned—related to the program's social, organizational, political, and creative aspects—via visual and verbal means. Twenty-one recent projects are specifically highlighted by way of documentary photographic essays that, in turn, supplement the textual essays addressing the cooperative and transformative aspects of this program. A list of resources used by Mural Arts staff points readers to other publications and websites of use to those researching and working in mural arts and public art programs. This book will be useful in libraries catering to practitioners and researchers of public art and socially engaged practice. Summing Up: Recommended."


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