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Last Updated December 17, 2014

Sex and the Founding Fathers, by Thomas Foster was reviewed in two publications:
• The review in the Fall 2014 issue of Common-place. The review read, "Foster brings his expertise to bear on the way Americans have interpreted the lives of the men whose life and history have greatly affected Americans' imaginations.... Foster's narrative is a thoughtful one that subtly challenges readers and historians to consider their motives in reading and writing history. Readers walk away with an understanding of how contemporary trends influence historical output and perceptions of the founders outside of academia. However, Foster's real contribution here is his evidence of the ways manliness and sexuality influence our understanding of the founders and the subtle ways that sexuality influences our mythmaking. Reading Foster's narrative, one concludes that the discipline of history provides a starting point for understanding the human experience, and self-consciously works toward creating histories true to the past while also relevant to our current moment. In this way, we will continue to build a truer past—full of vice and virtue."
• The review in Volume 43, Issue 1, 2015 of History: Review of New Books. The review read, "Sex and the Founding Fathers considers how the sexual exploits of the founding fathers have been viewed over time by the media, academics, and the general public.... Foster proffers in-depth analysis of how the historical memory of the founding fathers and their sex lives have evolved over time.... the historiography is impressive.... The two most enjoyable chapters are the ones on [Thomas] Jefferson and [Gouverneur] Morris."

George Yancy's Look, a White! was reviewed in the Fall 2014 issue of the Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal. The review read, "Yancy contributes to the well established black intellectual tradition...that problematizes and disrupts whiteness from the perspective of embodied suffering of black people in the United States.... Look, a White! should be read for the profound contributions the book provides toward furthering the project of anti-racism in an anti-black world."

Last Updated December 10, 2014

Ed Berger's Softly, with Feeling, was reviewed on the website, JazzCorner on December 8. The review read, "Softly, With Feeling by author/photographer Edward Berger, is an excellent, well-written biography of a pioneer who was an unsung and unheralded hero in the musical world....This is a scholarly, well-detailed, book, with a thoughtful foreword written by trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, and revealing quotations from Wilder's friends, fellow musicians, Jimmy Heath and Buddy DeFranco, and from Mr. Wilder years before his death."

Two Temple University Press titles were reviewed in the Advance Access section of the journal Social Forces:
• The review of Savage Portrayals, by Natalie Byfield, read, "[C]ompelling...Byfield's role as reporter for the Daily News in the late 1980s and early 1990s provides a valuable lens through which to view the inner workings of a major newsroom.... Students and scholars of news media will find Byfield's analysis of the institutionalized relationship between the police and media nothing short of extraordinary."
• The review of The White Savior Film by Matthew Hughey, read, "[T]he fact that [Hughey] is examining white savior films as a sociologist rather than as a film critic makes his a distinctive and valuable contribution both to studying cinema and to understanding the ideological formation of race in contemporary American society.... Even if one disagreed with that general diagnosis...it would be difficult to resist the force of the evidence in its favor that is marshaled here. The frames and themes that Hughey infers, both from the films and from responses to them, exemplify the mechanisms through which this ideology is made to function.... admirably comprehensive."

Last Updated December 3, 2014

Resisting Work by Peter Fleming, was reviewed in the December 2014 issue of Choice. The review read, "[Fleming] argues that work has taken over our lives because we have internalized the need to work and produce at all times.... The book ultimately finds its niche among other works of applied critical theory and analyses of employee engagement, corporate culture, managerialism, capitalism, and meaningful work. Summing Up: Recommended."

The Archival Turn in Feminism, by Kate Eichhorn, was reviewed in the latest issue of Archivaria, The Journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists. The review read, "Eichhorn shows how young activists and scholars have come to value [material culture] collections as vital resources for transformative politics.... [She] has also produced an alluring description of archival genres (e.g., commonplace books, blogs) as a way to work through the implications of what is frequently described as the 'archival turn' in the humanities.... Eichhorn's work challenges archivists to assess our own impact on the collections we keep and the extent to which our work should be characterized as activism in the pursuit of social justice."

Constructing Muslims in France, by Jennifer Fredette, was reviewed on The Council for European Studies' Reviews & Critical Commentary website on November 25. The review read, "[A]n important contribution to scholarship on French Muslims and contemporary French citizenship.... [A] nuanced picture of contemporary discourses constructing French Muslims and an engaging analysis of the difficulties that these individuals face in different spheres of public life.... Constructing Muslims in France is very convincing, easily accessible, and thoroughly enjoyable. It is full of empirical examples that bring the French context alive for readers across the globe. This book will be of great interest to political scientists, sociologists, and legal scholars alike, as well as to anyone interested in issues of minority rights and discrimination."


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