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Captain America and the Nationalist Superhero
Jason Dittmer, author of Captain America and the Nationalist Superhero, penned an essay about the themes of geopolitics in the new film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, on the Huffington Post website on April 8.

The Ethics of Care
Congratulations to Fiona Robinson and her book The Ethics of Care, which won the J. Ann Tickner Book Prize at the International Studies Association meeting last week. The prize seeks to recognize the author of a book that critically engages International Relations theory, that questions disciplinary assumptions, and that helps build practical knowledge to address pressing issues and contribute to a more just and peaceful world.

The International Monetary Fund and Latin America
Congratulations to Claudia Kedar and her book The International Monetary Fund and Latin America, which was awarded an Honorable Mention by the Luciano Tomassini Latin American International Relations Book Award Committee of the Latin American Studies Association. The award honors the author(s) of an outstanding book on Latin American foreign policies and international relations published in English, Spanish or Portuguese in any country.

Hot Off The Press
  • Softly, with FeelingSoftly, with Feeling
    Joe Wilder and the Breaking of Barriers in American Music

    Edward Berger
    Foreword by Wynton Marsalis

    "You hear a brilliant and concise trumpet solo in the most unlikely of places, on a '50s cast album or vocal date, and it happens so often you gradually stop being surprised to find you've just heard Joe Wilder. He's been everywhere in music over the last 60-plus years, and in Softly, with Feeling, Ed Berger has given this exemplary figure (a self-effacing racial pioneer as well as an impeccable musician) the exemplary biography he deserves." —Francis Davis, author of Jazz and Its Discontents: A Francis Davis Reader

  • Conceiving MasculinityConceiving Masculinity
    Male Infertility, Medicine, and Identity

    Liberty Walther Barnes

    "Finally, here is an engaged, cogent, and smart investigation of male infertility, positioning men—their stories, bodies, and vulnerabilities—front and center. Barnes's deft historical exploration into the practitioners, laboratories, technologies, and institutions of male infertility reveals the cultural work of constructing 'healthy masculinity.' Conceiving Masculinity is a compelling sociological study capturing the rich textures of men's emotional crises as genetic fatherhood is threatened, challenged, abandoned, or pursued. Previously invisible, male factor infertility is brought into sharp focus through Barnes's research—her work encourages us to (re)conceive masculinity as it evolves and shifts." —Lisa Jean Moore, Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at Purchase College, State University of New York, and author of Sperm Counts: Overcome by Man's Most Precious Fluid

  • The White Savior FilmThe White Savior Film
    Content, Critics, and Consumption

    Matthew W. Hughey

    "In The White Savior Film, Matthew Hughey offers an insightful, thorough and well-written analysis of a key trope in America's racial formation: cinematic representations of noble saviors—from Sandra Bullock to Kevin Costner—fighting to save Others. This important book offers its readers a timely analysis of how contemporary cinema continues to perpetuate racism by eliding historical specificity." —Daniel Bernardi, author of Star Trek and History: Race-ing toward a White Future

  • Mobilizing Gay SingaporeMobilizing Gay Singapore
    Rights and Resistance in an Authoritarian State

    Lynette J. Chua

    "How do activists build a movement in an authoritarian society whose laws are designed to suppress dissent? Mobilizing Gay Singapore provides an astute, illuminating, and utterly fascinating analysis of how the legal sophistication, strategic creativity, and sheer courage of gay and lesbian activists in Singapore have enabled them to challenge the heteronormativity of state and society in increasingly bold ways. Chua's concept of 'pragmatic resistance' expands our understanding of the complex interplay of power and dissent under the most inauspicious of circumstances" —George Chauncey, Samuel Knight Professor of History and American Studies, Yale University, and author of Gay New York

  • Japanese Women and the Transnational Feminist Movement before World War IIJapanese Women and the Transnational Feminist Movement before World War II
    Taeko Shibahara

    "Japanese Women and the Transnational Feminist Movement before World War II makes a significant contribution to the integration of women into modern world history. Showing how Japanese women in peace movements navigated between domestic and international influences, Shibahara explores the transnational space that many women's organizations inhabited before World War II. Anchored in Japan, the book charts changes over three distinct campaigns over three decades. Shibahara's findings will interest scholars in world history, peace history, transnational history, women's history and Japanese history." —Kathryn Kish Sklar, Distinguished Professor Emerita, State University of New York, Binghamton, and author of Women's Rights Emerges within the Anti-Slavery Movement, 1830-1870: A Brief History with Documents

  • Contemporary Social ConstructionismContemporary Social Constructionism
    Key Themes

    Darin Weinberg

    "Darin Weinberg shows, significantly, that there are varieties of social constructionism and, importantly, that the issue of reality is not as threatening as some have figured it to be. From chapters on constructions of the body and the self to a chapter on the construction of social problems, the scientific and moral sweep of the discussion offers unique insight into the breadth of the approach. Contemporary Social Constructionism is a must read for any and all concerned with the experiential status of the person and society." —Jaber F. Gubrium, University of Missouri

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North Philly Notes
We showcase Conceiving Masculinity author Liberty Walther Barnes' TEDx talk at Cambridge University.

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