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The Outsider
Dan Rottenberg, author of The Outsider, will be on Bob Rovner Talks to the Stars on WWDB (860-AM, Philadelphia) on March 17 in the 12 noon hour.

Boathouse Row
Dotty Brown, author of Boathouse Row, was honored by the Schuylkill Navy last weekend. Here is a link to a video of Brown being presented with the 2016 Female Master of the Year.

The Audacity of Hoop
View a slideshow of Alexander Wolff, author of The Audacity of Hoop, and Craig Robinson from the recent Philadelphia Youth Basketball event.

Hot Off The Press

  • The Magic of Children's GardensThe Magic of Children's Gardens
    Inspiring Through Creative Design

    Lolly Tai, with a Foreword by Jane L. Taylor

    "[A]n unparalleled resource for anyone—whether landscape designer, horticulturist, educator, or community leader—who seeks a better understanding of how the design of contemporary children's gardens has evolved to most effectively spark the interest and imagination of today's kids. Lolly Tai has compiled detailed profiles of exemplary gardens across America, each including design intents, plant lists, technical details, and inspirational photos and plans. Those charged with envisioning, maintaining, or enhancing children's gardens need to have this comprehensive work on their bookshelves."
    Tom Underwood, Executive Director of the American Horticultural Society

  • Sesqui!Sesqui!
    Greed, Graft, and the Forgotten World's Fair of 1926

    Thomas H. Keels

    "In his portrayal of the 1926 Sesqui-Centennial, Tom Keels has once again opened a wide, insightful and revealing historical lens on Philadelphia....Sesqui! is a great read that helps us better understand urban America in the early twentieth century."
    Sam Katz, Executive Producer, History Making Productions

  • Shaming the ConstitutionShaming the Constitution
    The Detrimental Results of Sexual Violent Predator Legislation

    Michael L. Perlin and Heather Ellis Cucolo

    "With standout sophistication and depth, the authors interweave law with social and behavioral sciences to lay the foundation for a scathing critique of current policy, advancing the public discourse especially by their discussions of international and comparative law and therapeutic jurisprudence. This book is a must-read for policy makers, advocates, judges, and students of sexual violence prevention."
    Eric S. Janus, Professor of Law and former President and Dean, Mitchell Hamline School of Law

  • Somalis in the Twin Cities and ColumbusSomalis in the Twin Cities and Columbus
    Immigrant Incorporation in New Destinations

    Stefanie Chambers

    "[A] very timely and powerful contribution to the national debate on the admission of Muslim refugee immigrants to the American heartland. By judiciously comparing the political, economic, and social incorporation of Somalis in two distinct urban settings, Chambers demonstrates convincingly the crucial roles of historical context, state culture, and public policy in defining the degrees of success in immigrant integration."
    Pei-te Lien, University of California Santa Barbara, and co-author of Contested Transformation: Race, Gender, and Political Leadership in 21st Century America

  • Risking Life and LensRisking Life and Lens
    A Photographic Memoir

    Helen M. Stummer

    "[A]n extraordinarily personal glimpse into the life and work of a photographer who has spent her career consumed with documenting social injustice and those it has affected most.... This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the humanity of our urban cities."
    John Cyr, photographer and author of Developer Trays

  • Envisioning EmancipationEnvisioning Emancipation
    Black Americans and the End of Slavery

    Deborah Willis and Barbara Krauthamer
    New in Paperback!

    "[A]n illuminating and inspiring look at the men and women who enabled, lived through, and were affected by the landmark event of emancipation. With a stunning collection of photographs accompanied by engaging new scholarship, this book is sure to have a vital and important impact on the way Americans see our nation and ourselves."
    Thelma Golden, Director and Chief Curator of the Studio Museum of Harlem

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North Philly Notes

This week in North Philly Notes, we feature a slideshow of Alexander Wolff, author of The Audacity of Hoop, and Craig Robinson from the recent Philadelphia Youth Basketball event.

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Spring 2017 Catalog

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