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click on the map's highlighted areas for photos and information on the latest additions to Main Campus. Then, scroll down to take a virtual tour of how campus has changed over the years.

Architecture, 4
Edberg Olson Practice Facility, 15
Mitchell and Hilary Morgan Residence Hall and Dining Complex, 27
Pearson and McGonigle Halls, 34A & B
Science, Education and Research Center, 40

Architecture building Edberg-Olson practice facility Montgomery Avenue Garage (under construction) Science and Education Research Center (under construction) Mitchell and Hilarie Morgan Hall (under construction) Pearson and McGonigle Halls

Main Campus, then and now

Archival photos courtesy of Temple University Libraries, Urban Archives


Aerial photo

This aerial photo of campus was taken circa 1960, looking west on Berks Street toward Sullivan Memorial Library, Baptist Temple (now the Temple Performing Arts Center), and Mitten Hall.



new mitten

This view of Main Campus is from January 2013. The Temple Performing Arts Center is located at the far left, and Mitten Hall is across Pollett Walk. The rowhomes along Liacouras Walk are now office and retail space. Photo by Joeseph V. Labolito.

aerial photo 2

Main Campus, circa 1966, looking northeast towards Presser Hall, which was under construction.


Today, the new Science and Education Research Building is under construction at 12th and Pollett Walk. The building will feature advanced technology and modern lab spaces for student learning and research. It is expected to open June 2014. Photo by Joseph V. Labolito.

Bell Tower

Construction began on Temple´s iconic Bell Tower around 1965. Rowhuses are visible in the background, prior to the construction of Anderson and Gladfelter halls.

Bell Tower today

The Bell Tower as it stands today. The College of Engineering is located at the far left.

Paley then

Construction of Paley Libary began in the mid-1960s. This photo was taken in 1965.

Paley today

This photograph of Paley was taken May, 2013, and shows another recent addition to campus: the TU Big Chairs.

South Hall

South Hall was once located at the northeast corner of Broad Street and Columbia (now Cecil B. Moore) Avenue. This photo was taken in 1975.

CBM subway stop

South Hall was demolished in 1980 to make way for the expanded Cecil B. Moore subway concourse, shelter, and adjoining plaza (pictured here), which opened in 1983.

Stauffer Hall

Stauffer Hall was located at the corner of Broad Street and Columbia (now Cecil B. Moore) Avenue in 1975. Before being torn down in 1980 to make way for a visitors' parking lot, Stauffer Hall housed the Temple High School, Campus Information, and the Technical Institute.


The former site of Stauffer Hall is now a part of Morgan Hall (pictured here), which will open Fall 2013. Photo by Joseph V. Labolito.