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Spring 2014

Rick Getts, Class of 2015, put his engineering studies to use by building his own house. Read more.
Photo by Joseph V. Labolito.

Winter 2014

  Lindorff Keyboard Professor Joyce Lindorff explores centuries‐old music with her harpsichord. Read more.

Fall 2013

  Karega Tarasai Karega, Class of 2015, uses her love of hockey to guide a new generation of players.
Read more.


Summer 2013

  Stefanatos Neurologist Gerry Stephanatos discusses how language development issues helped Albert Einstein develop his theory of general relativity. Read more.


Spring 2013

Malinics The School of Pharmacy´s Brenda Malinics is on a mission to improve the public´s opinion of bats. Read more.


Winter 2013

Polizzano To champion powerlifter Kristi Polizzano, class of 2015, strength and size are not mutually exclusive. Read more.


Fall 2012

Stafford Accomplished trumpet player Terell Stafford, of the Boyer College of Music and Dance, talks about following his dreams. Read more.


Summer 2012

Blackson Robert Blackson, curator of the Temple Gallery at Tyler School of Art, talks about what makes the gallery one of a kind. Read more.


Spring 2012

  Chow Meet Stephanie Chow, Class of 2015, one of the world´s fastest Rubik´s Cube solvers. Read more.