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    September 14, 2006
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Temple Offers One-Stop-Shopping for Campaigns and Elections Analysis


’Tis the season for never-ending campaign ads, photo opportunities and editorial endorsements. As the 2006 midterm elections rapidly approach, Temple’s political science department and the Institute for Public Affairs offer a voice of reason to cut to through the din of the campaign machines that are firing on all cylinders. 


Temple’s recent hiring spree brought several campaigns and elections experts to the University, adding to a core group already in place. The result is an assemblage of political scholars with a broad base of interests and areas of expertise, ranging from election forecasting to get-out-the-vote campaigns.

IPA election events

(check TUcalendar for locations and times)

Sept. 18            
“Party Control of the US House of Representatives,”

Robert Erikson, Columbia University

Sept. 27            
“Throwing the Bums Out: the Causes and Consequences of Public Attitudes toward Congress”

Monika McDermott, University of Connecticut

Oct. 19             
“The Promise and Performance of Electronic Voting Systems”

Paul Herrnson, University of Maryland

Nov. 2                 

“A Pre-Election Primer”

Michael Hagen, Rich Joslyn, and Robin Kolodny, Temple University

“Political Consultants’ Takes on the 2006 Elections”

“This is very exciting,” said IPA Director Michael G. Hagen. “One of the reasons I came to Temple was to work with the members of the group who were already here or on their way, and the fact that we’ve been able to add to the group has just been terrific. I’m really looking forward to watching this campaign with these folks.”

In addition to offering analysis to students in their courses and the reporters who call them for their expertise, Temple’s campaign scholars gather with colleagues from across the country when the IPA hosts its Campaign and Election Speaker Series each semester.

This fall, all of the lectures will address the 2006 Congressional elections. The series opens on Sept. 18 with a guest talk from Columbia University political science professor Robert Erikson, who will speak control of the Congress. And as the election cycle builds to its climax, three of Temple’s own experts – Michael Hagen, Robin Kolodny and Richard Josyln—will gather one week prior to Election Day to analyze the latest information on Pennsylvania’s high-profile races.

Despite their heavy concentration in political science, Temple’s elections experts expand beyond that department to capture expertise in related fields. Joining their ranks, for instance, is communications professor Zizi Papacharissi, who studies the importance of blogs and online newsrooms in politics, and history professor James Hilty, Temple’s well-known presidential authority.

With such a broad and varied pool of experts, Temple University has become the Mid-Atlantic’s go-to source for those seeking authoritative voices on campaigns and elections.

“We have depth and breadth in this area that is really remarkable,” said Hagen, noting that Temple’s experts cover everything from local to national elections and from the strategies of candidates and contributors to the reactions of voters. “It’s the scope of our scholars’ interests that really makes Temple stand out.”


Alix Gerz

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