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    September 7, 2006
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Temple signs 'agreement of academic and scientific cooperation' with Italy's University of Siena


Temple has entered into an “agreement of academic and scientific cooperation” with Italy’s University of Siena which will facilitate the exchange of students, faculty and intellectual resources between the two institutions.

Siena is one of Italy’s top academic and research institutions, with major links to leading universities around the world in the areas of medicine, business, communications and the liberal arts.


The agreement formalizes and strengthens a pre-existing collaboration between Antonio Giordano, director of both the Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine and the Center for Biotechnology in Temple’s College of Science and Technology, and “chiara fama”--or distinguished--faculty members at Siena.


The Sbarro Health Research Organization, which funds the Sbarro Institute at Temple, also funds researchers and facilities at the University of Siena.


The signed agreement will allow the research being carried by Giordano and his team at the Sbarro Institute to be more easily translated to patients through the large human tumor tissue bank at the University of Siena.


Sbarro Institute and University of Siena

Antonio Giordano, president of the Sbarro Health Research Organization and director of the Sbarro Institute (left), and vice president for research and graduate studies Kenneth Soprano (right) led a tour of the institute’s Main Campus facilities for State House Speaker John M. Perzel in February.  Following a visit to the SHRO labs in Siena in summer 2005 and observing the cancer research done there, Perzel came to North Philadelphia to present Giordano with a $1.5 million gift for the organization’s continued research.

(Photo by Joseph V. Labolito / University Photography)

“Over the past four years, researchers at Temple and Siena, working in collaboration, have generated major research achievements, particularly in better understanding the molecular mechanisms of cancer,” said Giordano. 

“This collaboration has led to numerous publications in top peer-reviewed journals and the granting of several patents.”


Giordano added that a formalized agreement will assist in attracting and recruiting the most talented researchers to both institutions.


“Considering the successful collaboration that the University of Siena has had with Antonio Giordano, Temple envisions that, in addition to medical and biotechnology research, we could establish a synergy with other programs at Siena,” said Kenneth Soprano, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, who will serve as Temple’s program coordinator for the agreement.

According to the signed agreement, the purpose of the cooperation between Temple and Siena is “to promote interest in teaching and research activities of the respective institutions; and to deepen the understanding of economic, cultural and social environments of the respective institutions.”


In addition, the agreement will allow each institution “to promote institutional exchanges by inviting faculty and staff of the partner institution to participate in a variety of teaching and/or research activities and professional development; receive graduate and undergraduate students of the partner institutions for periods of study and/or research; organize symposia, conferences, short courses and meetings on research issues; carry out joint research and continuing education programs; and exchange information pertaining to developments in teaching, student development, and research.”

Preston M. Moretz




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