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    SPRING 2006
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Temple Times and International Programs presents:

Overseas Adventures: Spring 2006

Over the course of the spring 2006 semester, Temple Times and International Programs will follow the adventures of three students studying abroad - one in Japan, one in Vietnam and one in Rome.

Check back for photos and ongoing diary entries about their experiences abroad, and find out what Taylor, Khanh and Ian are doing, seeing and experiencing through their written words and pictures.

"Somewhere in my adaptation to all this, I changed a lot. I learned to talk to people, to do things for myself or to rely on others when I needed to, and, really, to live. I may not be ready for the world yet, but, because of Japan, I'm certainly on my way ..." (5/8/06)
Taylor, from Japan

" Sometimes I felt very homesick and wanted to go home. Other times I felt that Vietnam is my home, and I was scared to come back to the United States ..." (5/8/06)
Khanh, from Vietnam

" One thing that has been magnified in my eyes since I've been home is that the surplus of rules and regulations in the United States allows -- and, again, encourages -- people to stop paying attention ..." (4/24/06)
Ian, from Rome

-edited by Erica Brooke Fajge

taylorbritton Taylor Benjamin-Britton

Major: Political Studies and Asain Studies

International Program: Temple Japan
Khanh Le

Major: History

International program: Vietnam National University in Hanoi, Vietnam
ianwaldraff Ian Waldraff

Major: Theater

International program: Temple Rome