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    October 9, 2006
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Centers for professional development give students a competitive edge

Center for Student Professional Development

At The Fox School’s senior reception in September, hosted by the Center for Student Professional Development, marketing and finance double major America Castro impressed Target representative Nicole D’Ambrosio with her business etiquette skills, which were polished to a shine with help from the CSPD. (Photo by George Bilyk)

Last year, one green freshman, Aalok Joshi (Fox BBA ’08), went up against more than 20 Fox School seniors in competition for an internship with Cintas Uniforms.

But Joshi had a competitive edge that no one else had — an advantage he had developed at The Fox School’s Center for Student Professional Development — and that edge got him the internship.

The Fox School CSPD, one of several at Temple run by individual schools and colleges, gives students the tools to go from the classroom to the boardroom through its career preparation services.

According to Fox CSPD director Corinne Snell, the center has a three-pronged approach to professional coaching.

The CSPD focuses on personal development, which concentrates on assessing students’ strengths and areas of improvement; industry and career awareness, which concentrates on understanding specific industries and career options; and impression management, which helps students develop a strategy to market themselves and manage others’ perceptions of them, Snell said.

“All of it is designed to prepare you and give you the confidence to find that ideal job or internship, and to go forward in your career,” she explained.

During his freshman year, Joshi joined the Accounting Professional Society, which was putting together a resume book for the CSPD that would be sent on to accounting firms in the Philadelphia area. But to have his resume included, Joshi had to complete one requirement that would later cinch his internship win: He had to complete several CSPD workshops.

Joshi attended seminars such as “How to Write a Resume” and the “FoxNet Orientation,” which taught him how to use The Fox School’s online internship and job database. CSPD also critiqued his resume and helped him practice marketing himself through a mock interview.

CSPD Initiatives
BA 100 – Required course for undergraduate business majors to develop career competencies and job search strategies.
FoxNet – CSPD’s online career management system, which contains hundreds of jobs and internships.
Fox Spring Connection – Annual spring recruiting and networking event, which connect students with employers looking to fill full-time positions and internships.
Information Sessions – Inside scoop from industry professionals.
Industry Interviews – Practice interviews with industry professionals.
Leadership Retreat – Annual retreat for officers of student professional organizations focusing on developing leadership skills.
On-Campus Recruiting – First-round interviews with human resources representatives.
Mock Interviews – Practice interviews with
CSPD staff.
Senior Reception – Annual fall recruiting and networking event for seniors interested in meeting employers and kicking off their senior-year job search.
Student Professional Organizations (SPOs) – Fox School’s 20-plus organizations that connect students, faculty, alumni and executives within a particular field of interest and provide opportunities to learn, network and socialize.

Senior Rewards Program – Point- and prize-based incentive program to encourage students to invest in their professional development and participate in CSPD programs.

“Before I went to CSPD, I didn’t know how to how to write a resume or how to dress for an interview,” Joshi admitted.

“I really didn’t have a clue, and I probably still wouldn’t if I hadn’t gone to CSPD to learn what to do to win.”

Besides offering seminars and mock interviews, CSPD also works with the school’s 20-plus student professional organizations, including APS, to provide opportunities for students to meet company executives.

It was at an APS weekly meeting that Joshi got a chance to show off his new business etiquette skills when he met a Cintas Uniforms HR executive.

“Aalok really wanted an internship, but most freshmen have trouble finding and getting them because they are early in their academic career,” said Megan Rimer, assistant director for career competencies at the CSPD.

“By coming to the CSPD, we were able to gear him toward better approaches, and as he completed the various seminars, we noticed his change from rough around the edges to polished and professional.”

Employers noticed his professionalism too. Joshi approached the Cintas representative, got an interview, and out of the 29 other juniors and seniors, he was the only one offered an internship.

Joshi said, “CSPD prepared me, then gave me a chance to perform. I’ve just finished my second summer completing rotations there, and they even offered me a full-time position for when I graduate.”

For most undergrads, lining up a job as Joshi did is the ultimate goal. So to increase awareness and encourage more students to take advantage of its services, CSPD is rolling out its Signature Senior Rewards Program.

Now, motivated seniors can earn additional rewards while investing in their professional development, because every time they participate in a CSPD activity, they will earn points.  With the accumulated points, which are recorded on a membership card and on Blackboard, students are eligible to win prizes such as corporate giveaways or networking opportunities.

“The program is a way to motivate students to use our resources, and to let us help them prepare for the professional world,” Snell said.

“You can have a great resume, but if you lack polish, professionalism, interview skills, understanding of your industry or even confidence, you might not ace your interview. CSPD is a fantastic resource, and can help you get that job or internship,” she added.

Joshi knows this well.

“No one is going find or get you a job or internship. You need to do it yourself, and CSPD helped me do that.”

For more information, visit http://www.sbm.temple.edu/cspd, or stop by the office on the third floor of Speakman Hall.

By Julia Straka

For the Fox School of Business and Management

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