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    November 29, 2006
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Nancy Henkin inducted into international Ashoka Fellowship


Nancy Henkin
(Photo courtesy Nancy Henkin)
Nancy Henkin, executive director of Temple’s Center for Intergenerational Learning, was one of 18 social entrepreneurs from the United States, Canada and Mexico to be inducted into an international fellowship by “Ashoka: Innovators for the Public” on Nov. 14.

Henkin was recognized for creating “Communities for All Ages,” an approach to community planning that takes into account the entire lifespan perspective — the well-being of children, youth, adults and elders — viewing neighborhoods and communities as a whole, rather than focusing on the needs of one particular age group.

This method, Henkin says, allows people at different life stages greater opportunities to understand, learn from, help and enjoy each other, intentionally embracing the strengths, meeting the needs and enhancing the lives of people of all ages. 


“I’ve been doing intergenerational programming for 26 years, and I’ve tapped into every possible way to do it,” Henkin said. “But people don’t live in programs; they live in places. Children grow up in places; older people live in places. We have to foster partnerships within a community. We have to normalize intergenerational thinking with a more holistic view of the community.”  

Henkin envisions the organization as a way to help communities and policymakers see where the interests and priorities of different age groups intersect, and uses these “zones of opportunity” to build an intentional network of mutually beneficial relationships. 


CFAA is currently operating in 12 communities to promote the well-being of children, youth, adults, and elders; strengthen families; and restore the social fabric on which all citizens rely.  A Sustainable Communities for All Ages Toolkit has been created with funding from the Annie E. Casey and Blue Moon foundations to help more communities infuse the principles of CFAA and “green/sustainable communities” into their planning.

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