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    November 7, 2006
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Portable heart monitor plan wins Innovative Idea Competition

Three electrical and computer engineering seniors have been awarded the grand prize in the Ninth Annual Innovative Idea Competition sponsored by the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute in the Fox School of Business and Management.

Awardees encompassed five schools and colleges and a wide range of disciplines, underscoring the IEI’s emphasis on fostering entrepreneurship across the university.

Corey Floyd, Marcus Kratz and Darryl O’Mara won $500 plus software for their Portable Intelligent Cardio Monitor, which is also their senior design project in the College of Engineering.

Their faculty advisor on the project is electrical and computer engineering professor Robert Yantorno.

PICM is a portable device that would evaluate a person’s cardiovascular health, providing them with meaningful information about the state of their cardiovascular system and encourage them to accomplish personalized goals as determined by the system with input for their cardiologist.

Additionally, more specific information would be recorded and transmitted for use by the patient’s doctor or rehabilitative physiologist.

The Idea stage is the first level of the Business Innovation Competition, and is open to Temple students, faculty, staff and alumni. The purpose of the idea competition is to stimulate exciting new businesses.

The next stage this academic year is the Business Plan. Due March 16, 2007, the plans must address the creation of a new business in the Philadelphia region and not the expansion of an existing business.

Participation in the Idea stage is not required to participate.

Preston M. Moretz

Grand prize
Portable Rehabilitation Solutions, Inc.
Corey Floyd, Darryl O'Mara and Marcus Kratz (College of Engineering)

First prize, science and technology
The Reading Blind
James Salisbury (Fox School of Business)

Second prize, science and technology
King Titus
John M. Hanrahan (School of Communications and Theater)

Scriabin Music
Charles Green (Boyer College of Music and Dance)

First prize, creative products & services
Frank Lipsius (Beasley School of Law)

Second prize, creative products & services
Diversified Home Meal Solutions
Melissa Wieczorek (Alumna, Fox School of Business)

First prize, undergraduate
Wash of the Mall
Yasmine Mustafa and Pitchada Jindasataporn (Fox School of Business)

Second prize, undergraduate
Brendan Bailes, Yannick Ebibie Nze, Jean Akingeneye
(School of Communications & Theater and Fox School of Business)




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