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    November 21, 2006
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Honors business students compete in international case study competition


This month, for the first time, a Temple team participated in the annual “CIBER Case Challenge,” where international and U.S. schools with CIBER (Center for International Business Education and Research) grants complete business case studies under a tight time constraint.

The competition took place Nov. 1–3 at Ohio State University, and Temple competed in the invitation-only event alongside 11 other schools from across the globe. 

Temple’s team — four Fox School students in the Honors Program — finished just outside of the medal round, and received high praise from competing students and advisors in attendance.

CIBER | Fox School of Business

Fox students Urvi Patel (left), Justin Somers, Minna Pham and Ori Feibush, and their coach Dwight Carey, stand at the Honda plant in Marysville, Ohio. The four seniors participated in the CIBER Case Challenge: An International Undergraduate Case Competition at Ohio State University Nov. 1-3.

Photo by Ohio State University, CIBER Case Challenge file

The team, seniors from adjunct instructor Dwight Carey’s “Honors Business Policy” capstone, was sponsored by Temple’s CIBER.  Carey, who also mentored the team, handpicked the students — Ori Feibush, (actuarial science, risk management and insurance and economics), Minna Pham (finance and international business), Justin Somers (actuarial science) and Urvi Patel (MIS and actuarial science) — based on their oral presentation, case-study and team skills.

He also used a questionnaire to evaluate the students.

“This group of kids is unique because they come from diverse backgrounds,” Carey said.

“They’re good with financial numbers and think outside the box.”

The students do present diversity: Feibush is from Israel, Patel is from Kenya, Pham is from Vietnam and Somers is from Philadelphia.

 “We fused four different personalities together,” Feibush said. “Usually, consultants are Type A, but here we’re all different and have different backgrounds.”

At the competition, the students were given 24 hours to prepare a presentation of the case study chosen by the faculty director of Ohio State University’s CIBER. This year’s case dealt with Asian Paints, LTD., a paint company based out of India, which is already operating in 22 countries. The students had to decide what region of the world would be best for Asian Paints to develop its market — China, the Middle East or the Caribbean.

As part of the competition, to fully understand the Chinese market, the students from Team Temple telephoned a director of Asian Paints in China. The call gave them a more in-depth analysis of production throughout China, helping them come up with their final advice for expansion into the Chinese market.

Patel enjoyed the competition. “Not only was it a test of our academic abilities, but also it was an intense test of our analytical skills,” she said. “Another important lesson learned: Time flies when you have four people, one room, and 24 hours to complete a case study!”

Other U.S. schools that competed included this year’s winner, Brigham Young University, as well as the University of Maryland, San Diego State University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and University of Southern California. International schools that participated included Concordia University in Canada, University of Auckland in New Zealand and last year’s winner, Singapore Management University.


- Rebecca C. Carroll
For the Fox School of Business and Management




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