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    January 24, 2007
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Temple University Press wins three Choice awards


In what has become something of an annual rite, Temple University Press had three of its books named by Choice magazine as Outstanding Academic Titles for 2006. This is the second year in a row that the Press has had three of its books named to the list; it has had at least one named each year since 2001. This year’s winners are: Literary Gestures: The Aesthetic In Asian American Writin; The Puerto Rican Diaspora: Historical Perspectives; and Feedback: The Video Data Bank Catalog of Video Art and Artist Interviews.

Choice magazine, which reviews scholarship for academic libraries, is published by the American Library Association and reaches more than 30,000 readers.

Each year, the magazine reviews some 10,000 books and, culled from all its reviews, names 100 works as Outstanding Academic Titles.

Literary Gestures
Puerto Rican Diaspora

“When you realize that there are tens of thousands academic books are published in any given year, for our press — which publishes only between 50 and 60 — to receive three means that we’re doing incredibly well,” said Temple University Press Director Alex Holzman.

“In terms of the number of titles we publish and the subsequent awards we receive, we are ahead of the curve.

“This certainly helps the Press, and through the Press the University, in terms of national recognition, which in turn helps us to attract even more great titles,” he added.

“It’s worth remembering that even though some of our trade books get most of the media attention, we exist for academic books. The reason a university supports a press is to publish scholarship.”

Holzman noted that of the three books, two — Literary Gestures and The Puerto Rican Diaspora — fall into the ethnic studies category. “The Press has long been known for its pathbreaking studies in ethnicity, race and gender. 

The fact that two of the three Choice awards received this year fall into this category makes good sense,” said Holzman.

“We’re rapidly building in other areas such as political science, criminal justice, musicology and education, and have high hopes that these areas also will receive this kind of recognition in the near future.”


This year, two of the three works selected as Outstanding Academic Titles are edited volumes, while Feedback is an edited reference book.

“It’s a tribute because edited books in general don’t get as much attention as authored books, which means that these are all collections of tremendous value,” noted Holzman.

“These three awards, based on rigorous, external peer review, celebrate Temple University Press, which is strongly committed to publishing outstanding titles on diverse scholarly topics,” said acting University Provost Richard Englert.

“The Press is truly one of the centers of academic excellence within the university.”

In addition to the three awards from Choice, the Temple University Press received two honorable mentions at the 2006 Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Awards in December for From Black Power to Hip Hop, by Patricia Hill Collins, and The Disenfranchisement of Ex-Felons, by Elizabeth Hull.

Alix Gerz

Temple University Press: Top Sellers of 2006

For more information on these and other Temple University Press titles,  visit http://www.temple.edu/tempress.


  1. The Eagles Encyclopedia by Ray Didinger and Bob Lyons
  2. More Philadelphia Murals/Philadelphia Murals by Jane Golden, Robin Rice, Natalie Pompilio/Jane Golden Robin Rice/Monica Yant Kinney
  3. Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts by Sam Wineburg
  4. Smoke of the Gods by Eric Burns
  5. Judging Children as Children by Michael A. Corriero
  6. Caribbean Currents (revised edition) Peter Manuel with Kenneth Bilby and Michael Largey
  7. Cheap Amusements by Kathy Peiss
  8.  Education of a University President by Marvin Wachman
  9. The Bottom Line by Andrew Zimbalist
  10. The Possessive Investment in Whiteness (Revised/Updated edition) by George Lipsitz




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