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    DECEMBER 14 , 2004
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Temple University returns Sugarloaf ownership to Greenfield Foundation

Temple University has reached agreement with the Greenfield Foundation to return ownership of the Sugarloaf Conference Center to the foundation.  Temple will cease operating the center effective Jan. 31, 2005.

Sugarloaf, a 32-acre, multiple-building Chestnut Hill estate, was donated to Temple by the Greenfield Foundation in 1969, with the stipulation that the University use the facility primarily as a residential conference center serving as a think-tank for urban-related issues.  In the intervening years, Temple and other organizations have used Sugarloaf for conferences and corporate and social events.

“Given the competitive nature of the conference-center market in Philadelphia and the restrictions on Temple’s use of the property, it is in the University’s best interests to exit from the business of managing Sugarloaf as a conference center,” said Temple’s chief financial officer and treasurer Martin S. Dorph.  “By returning Sugarloaf to the Greenfield Foundation, the University has placed the property in good hands,” Dorph added. 

All conferences and other events scheduled to occur up to Jan. 31, 2005, will take place as scheduled. The University will assist organizations that have events planned for Sugarloaf after Jan. 31, 2005, in finding alternative locations.

The term “Sugarloaf” has long been associated with the Chestnut Hill area — so named by the 18th century early settlers who felt that the unusual land formation resembled an old-fashioned loaf of refined sugar.

For further information, please contact:

Temple University
            Mark Eyerly
            Chief Communications Officer
            (215) 204 - 8564

Greenfield Foundation:
            Ms. Priscilla Luce
            Chair of the Board, Greenfield Foundation
            (216) 371-8575