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    NOVEMBER 23, 2004
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Date: November 24, 2004

To: Temple University Community

From: Noreen Kraynak, Purchasing Visa Card Administrator


            Temple University Purchasing cardholders will benefit from more flexible, user-friendly services when the University changes from PNC Bank to JP Morgan & Chase in January, 2005.   Holders of multiple cards for multiple cost centers will be able to consolidate to just one card, with the ability to designate transactions to multiple cost centers.

            With the new JP Morgan & Chase VISA purchasing card, all cardholders will be able to view their account online and make allocations of current charges to the appropriate cost center during the billing cycle.

            The Purchasing Department will begin conversion of existing Purchasing Cards which expire in December. Conversion of the remainder of the existing Purchasing Cards will continue through January 2005. At the time of your card conversion, your current card issued through PNC Bank will no longer be valid.  

If you are a current cardholder who has more than one card, each for a different cost center, these cards will be rolled into a single card account. If you are a single cardholder with single cost center, your current information will be rolled to the new program.

            Applications for changes to current cards which expire December 2004 must be received by no later than December 3rd to ensure smooth transition to the new program.  
All other applications for changes to existing cards with other than a December 2004 expire date must be received by December 17th .   

The following will not need to submit application:

•  Current single cardholder with a single cost center requiring no change to current information. Your current card will roll to the new application as is.

•  Current cardholder choosing to have all existing cards and centers rolled to a single card/multiple centers with no changes to current information.   Your multiple cards will be rolled to a single card/multiple center account.

The following will need to submit an application:

•  Current single cardholder with a single cost center requiring additional cost centers be added to the card

•  Current multiple cardholder choosing to group the existing cards to other than single card/multiple center account

•  Non-cardholder choosing to apply for a Purchasing Card

              If application is required, download the application form from the following link "_______".   The completed authorized application must be returned to my attention by the above deadlines to ensure smooth transition of your card to the new program.   Submit application to:

Noreen Kraynak

Purchasing Card Administrator
Rm 402, University Services Bldg.
1601 N. Broad Street
TU ZIP (083-44)

            In the near future, you will receive notice of the date and time to obtain your new Temple University VISA Purchasing Card issued through JP Morgan & Chase.  

           Please note that effective July 1, 2005 this new Purchasing Card program will eliminate and will replace the manual short order process.   Those who do not have a Purchasing card by July 1, 2005 will be required to submit purchase requisitions for all small dollar ($1,000 or less) transactions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at noreen.kraynak@temple.edu.   Thank you for your prompt attention and response.