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    DECEMBER 2 , 2004
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TO: Deans, Directors and Budget Unit Heads

FROM: Nancy L. Hinchcliff, Asst VP of Payroll Management

DATE: November 23, 2004



     • ADDRESS CHANGES: As year end approaches, please ask all employees to verify the name and address that appears on their advice or paycheck. This address isused to mail paychecks/advices and/or W-2 Forms. Any changes must be reported in writing to the HR–Management Departmentimmediately. We encourage all employees to verify thisinformation throughout the year. An address change made in Academic Records, or through OwlNet, will not change the address that is maintained in the HRS Payroll System.

     • W-4 FORM EXEMPTION: Please remind student workers that have claimed exempt on their 2004 W-4 form; they MUST submit a new W-4 form to the Payroll Management Department by February 15, 2005, to retain this status. If a new W-4 is not received, federal income tax will be withheld from their paycheck at the federal filing status of single zero and we will not refund it. They will have to file for the refund when they file their 2005 federal income tax return. This form is available on the IRS Web site at www.irs.gov.

     • TERMINATING EMPLOYEES: For all employees who are leaving the University, please provide to HR–Payroll Management a current mailing address so that the last paycheck and W-2 forms are sent to the correct address. If you have any employees who are terminating, please make sure that the proper paperwork is sent to Human Resources so that employees are paid properly and they receive a correct W-2 form.

CITY WAGE TAX REFUND REQUESTS: All City Wage Tax Refund requests for 2004 MUST be in the Payroll Office by Monday, December 6, 2004. The request must be accompanied by the appropriate supporting documentation in accordance with the established Temple University policy regarding Philadelphia City Wage Tax Refunds. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS DEADLINE. Any refund request submitted AFTER this date or WITHOUT the appropriate supporting documentation will NOT be honored and the employee will be required to file for the refund directly with the City of Philadelphia. Please include any time already scheduled for an employee to be working outside Philadelphia during the month of December onto this request and forward the supporting documentation as soon as it is available.  This form and related instructions can be obtained from the University forms Web site at www.temple.edu/forms, under Payroll.

UNCLAIMED PAYROLL CHECKS: All unclaimed payroll checks in your department that need to be voided or reissued to an employee MUST be returned to the Payroll Office by Friday, December 10, 2004.  Each check must be accompanied by a Returned CheckForm and include an explanation for the return of the check. This is to ensure that the employee’s earnings will be properly credited for these checks before the final 2004 paycheck and W-2 is issued.  This form can be obtained on the University forms Web site at www.temple.edu/forms.

All December 2004 checks that must be voided or reissued should be returned to the Payroll Office no later than Friday, January 7, 2005, to ensure the adjustment will be reflected on the 2004 W-2 form. All unclaimed checks/advices that cannot be given to an employee in person must be placed directly in the U.S. Mail. DO NOT RETURN THEM TO PAYROLL. Any checks received after these dates will be held until after the W-2 forms are issued to Temple employees and then a corrected W-2c will be issued to the employee in March 2005.  Failure to do this could result in an undue burden being placed on an employee and the possibility of having to file an amended 2004 tax return.

REPLACEMENT FEE REMINDER: Please keep in mind there is a fee for replacing lost or stale-dated paychecks and reissuing W2 or 1042-S forms of $25 for employees and $15 for students. In addition, if the department holds on to the checks and they become stale-dated (more than 90 days), the department will be charged the applicable fees. PLEASE DO NOT HOLD PAYROLL CHECKS IN THE DEPARTMENT. IF THEY CANNOT BE GIVEN TO AN EMPLOYEE, PLACE THE CHECK IN THE U.S. MAIL.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Michele Florkowski, assistant director of payroll, at 204-6476.

The Temple University Payroll Management Department is located on Main Campus in University Services Building, Room 201, 1601 N. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19122; phone: 215-204-8793 or 215-204-8178; fax: 215-204-1076 or 215-204-4341.