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    MARCH 17, 2005
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TO: All University Employee Parkers | All Budget Unit Heads

FROM: James M. Cirillo, Director of Parking Services

DATE: March 15, 2005

SUBJECT: Parking Privilege Cards (Guest Parking Passes)

The Temple University Health System has changed the design, color and numbering sequence of "Parking Privilege" Cards that they will now be using. These cards are now colored "Red" and will gradually phase out the current "White" Parking Privilege Cards that have been used for both University and Hospital parking operations. Although the current "White" Parking Privilege Cards will still be honored in the Ontario East and CMC Parking Garages after the new cards are available, Hospital departments will be depleting their current supplies of "White" Parking Privilege Cards, as they will no longer be honored in Temple University Health System Garages after April 30, 2005.

University departments that have obtained supplies of "White" Parking Privilege Cards should continue using these cards, which will be honored at all Main Campus parking areas, in addition to HSC "surface Parking areas", namely, the Amtrak Parking Area, the Battersby Area and the Tioga West Area, wherever space is available. As the Battersby Area and Tioga West Area normally operate at peak capacity between the hours of 7AM and 3PM, we encourage University departments to use these cards at the Amtrak Parking Area, where adequate parking is available during the remainder of the Spring Semester (free, continuous shuttle bus service is provided, between the Amtrak Area and various HSC shuttle bus stops, with bus loops taking only 10 minutes). During the summer, adequate parking space should be available to accommodate "White" Parking Privilege Card parkers at the Tioga West Parking Area. Please note, again, that the "White" Parking Privilege Cards will no longer be honored in Temple University Health System Parking Garages, effective 4/30/05.

University departments who may have a need to have their Privilege Card parkers access any of the Hospital-operated parking garages after 4/30/05, must submit a request for "Red" Parking Privilege Cards to DLC Management, Inc. DLC's office is located on the first floor of the Ontario West Garage, located on Ontario Street, between Broad Street and 15 th Street. DLC Management may be reached at telephone extension 2-6868; or 2-4498. Upon receipt of the request, DLC Management, Inc. will forward the request to the appropriate Associate Hospital Director for the Hospital's approval. This request should indicate the number of cards needed, the nature and need for parking in the garages, and should be signed by the appropriate University Budget Unit Head who has signature authority to obtain the cards, with the appropriate departmental charge account number listed on the request also. The Associate Hospital Director will have the authority to determine what departments are eligible to receive these cards. The approved cards, when used, will be charged back to the appropriate University department's cost center at the appropriate rate, depending upon the length of stay at the garage. The "Red" Parking Privilege Cards, although not valid for parking at HSC surface parking areas, are valid for parking in the Hospital Garages (CMC & Ontario East), and at any Main Campus Parking Area, if space is available.

University departmental requests for "White" Parking Privilege Cards will continue to be processed through the Office of Parking Services at the following locations:

  • Main Campus Office: Ground Floor of SAC; 13th & Montgomery Avenue.
  • HSC Campus Office: First Floor of the Ontario West Garage; Ontario Street, between
    Broad Street & 15th Street.

University-issued "White" Parking Privilege Cards are assessed at a cost of $9.00 per card, when they are used in University-operated HSC "surface" parking areas, Main Campus surface parking areas, or at the Liacouras Garage. Hospital-issued "Red" Parking Privilege Cards, when used in either the CMC Garage or the Ontario East Garage, are assessed at a rate that may vary according to the length of stay (please note that effective February 1, 2005, the 7-13 hour rate has been increased to $12.00, and the 13-24 hour rate was increased to $20.00).

Parking Privilege Cards are charged back against a department's budget only when they are used at the parking garages and surface parking areas. As these cards have a potential monetary value, they should be stored in a controlled/secured site, and should be handled in the same manner as cash.

If you have any questions relating to the issuance of Parking Privilege Cards, don't hesitate to call your respective campus Parking Services Office at:

  • For HSC University-operated parking areas: call Parking Services at 215-707-2277 or
  • For Main Campus University-operated parking areas: call Parking Services at
    215-204-5301 or 215-204-1487.

For Hospital - operated parking garages: call DLC Management, Inc. at 215-707-6868 or

Thank you.